The door (2013). Description

The film tells about the main character, the radio host Charlie Crowe, to whom one day a guy called a direct line, who told me that he was being watched and they wanted to kill him. At first, Charlie did not believe the guy and considered him abnormal, but after a while he found out that this young man died in a dream under strange circumstances. At first, the protagonist did not attach much importance to this, since many people fall asleep and die in a dream, but when such live calls began to occur almost regularly, Charlie was very scared about this, so he decided to figure it out on his own, which is why it all happens. It turned out that all the children dreamed of some kind of transparent shadows of people who constantly haunt them. If in a normal world everything happens normally, then only a person closes his eyes, he tries to hide from the shadows that want to kill him. After that, all people wake up in fear and be afraid to fall asleep so that these shadows do not do anything bad with them. As a result, for every person who has these strange dreams, for some reason, very healthy people begin to die. Charlie fears for his life, since he, too, is likely to be able to see these shadows and die. That is why Charlie Crowe has to personally deal with several deaths and what exactly connected all these people to each other. And whether he can achieve the truth, you can find out in conclusion. Kateelife Katee Owen nude and more porn scene. Watch naked Katee Owen play with dildo hot porn video free in full high