Claude Jarman Jr.

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Reader David Costlow emails “I was researching the life (and death if any) on Claude Jarman Jr. of the 1946 movie the Yearling fame. Not much available on this child star who reportedly had no acting experience before his Oscar Winning Role in The Yearling.”

Where are they now?

His family moved to California after The Yearling where he attended the MGM studio school. After failing to duplicate his Yearling success in follow-up movies he returned to his hometown Nashville, Tennessee to finish high-school before going on to pre-law at Venderbilt University.
After university he served in the Navy for three years before returning to Hollywood in 1959 where he built a minor career behind the scenes as a producer and director, including a term as the Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of San Fransisco

He married 3 times, 1959, 1968 & 1985, and has 6 children by his three wives.

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  1. Gil Graham says:

    He has written an excellent autobiography “My Life and the Final Days of Hollywood”. VERY ENTERTAINING! He is a friend of my late father.

  2. Nancy Bass says:

    Claude Jarman Jr. was a student at Eakin Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee when he was discovered. He was in the 5th or 6th grade and I was in the 3rd. I remember vividly the excitement around the school when we were told that he was going to be a “movie star”. Watched “The Yearling” last night and it brought back those memories

  3. Janet Baum says:

    Saw an episode of As Time goes by and saw Otto Jarman’s name. Remembered Claude Jarman Jr’s name from many years ago in my Film Albums reading about Claude Jarman Jr and wondered if they were related. Turns out that he is an English actor. Very blond like Claude. Anyway I am 82 and remembered Claude Jarman Jr and The Yearling from the Hollywood Film albums we had in England as a child & teen.

  4. Ralph brown says:

    Ralph Brown..
    I’m your long lost relative,remember playing football when we were kids? George & Hattie’s son

  5. Pat Fawcett says:

    I’ve just seen a photo of a fawn and immediately thought of the film .
    I am 75 and was always at the pictures when actors could act and you could understand the story.
    I wept buckets when I saw this film. I remembered straight away the name Claude Jarman jr as I always read my film books start to finish.
    I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the Movies.

  6. The Yearling says:

    I’ve just seen a photo of a fawn and immediately thought of the film .
    I am 75 and was always at the pictures when actors could act and you could understand the story.
    I wept buckets when I saw this film. I remembered straight away the name Claude Jarman jr as I always read my film books start to finish.
    I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the Movies.

  7. Craig Stevens says:

    My Granny had some photos of Claud when he was a kid and said he was family. she always had great stories to tell about him and I still have one picture of him probably just before he became famous I am sure. I also remember my Mother’s favorite place was Bell Buckle Tn. I have never checked on either way he was a great actor and sounds like a great man from reading the post.

  8. James Willoughby says:

    My mother and other members of her family has special ties to Mr Jarmin and the film the Yearling. My mother whose maiden name was Thelda Henderson became friends with Claud. Moms father owned a fish camp across the Oklawaha river and she watched the scene where Jody got into the dugout and floated away after shooting Flag, his deer. He wore a pair of leather moccasins to look as tho he was barefooted. He gave those to my mom. My uncle had a Sawmill and provided the ruff CUT lumber for Jodys cabin. My wife’s uncle was Mr Pecks double. My wife’s great grandfather actually killed the bear Slewfoot. My wife’s uncle was to play Fodderwing but got sick. And lastly My wife’s grandmother was Mrs Lennon best friend who wrote the book The Yearling.

  9. mary armstrong says:

    I knew him when he would visit Bell Buckle Tn., his granddad was our family doctor.

  10. Chia Hamilton says:

    I saw Claude Jarman on Sunday afternoon at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley after the showing of Intruder in the Dust. I believe this was his second film.

  11. Eileen Cocking says:

    I love Claude Jarmen jr. I am 66 and all my little grandchildren,especially the girls,love him too. God bless you Claude. From 305 Coragulac-Beeac rd.Warrion Victoria Australia 3249

  12. Charlie says:

    I did a service call at his travel agency office many years ago on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. He seemed to be a great guy!

  13. SANDRA LOVE says:

    Claude Jarman Jr ??????????

  14. High their I purch liquor at jar man cluades said: says:

    Why is that

  15. Happy Egghead says:

    Claude Jarman Jr played John Wayne’s son in John Ford’s 1949 film Rio Grande along side Maureen O’Hara and Ben Johnson.

  16. SFJET says:

    I worked for Claude Jarman Jr for a number of years at his travel agency in San Francisco “Jarman Travel”. We had a rather high end client base due to his connections. He kept his Oscar in his office and we all took turns having pictures taken with it when he was out of the office. Occasionally other past stars of Hollywood would walk into the office for a visit. He was a great boss, always pleasant and fair

  17. PieCatLady says:

    “Intruder in the Dust” from 1949, the year I was born, is a very good movie – even without Gregory Peck, star of the similarly themed movie “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Checked out the cast to reveal Claude Jarman, Jr. as “Chick” the young boy who overcame his own racism to help an innocent black man. What a fine strong actor! Apparently he’s an equally fine human being, now 80 years old.

  18. Diana Phoenix says:

    Watching “The Yearling”. What fine acting and what a gentle film. Is Mr Jarmon still living

  19. Damary Fletcher says:

    He is a great man! Saw him last month in California and had dinner with his wonderful family.

  20. Ken Butterworth says:

    I’m sitting here at 7:30 AM on July 25th2014, watching Rio Grande. I knew immediately that the young man was someone I recognized, so I ran the name Jarman Jr and sure enough, The Yearling. Wow, I’ve seen Claude in a few movies and certainly am glad he is only 9 years older than I. God bless you Claude.

  21. Susan says:

    My mother has told me about when her mother passed when she was 6, her father would send her to live with relatives in Murfreesboro. Her Aunt Essie Branden took her to Nashville one day and she met her cousin,Claude Jarman Jr. Today I am trying to find the connection….mother can’t remember all the details. Please help me!

  22. das says:

    Must have been in the early 50’s that Claude was playing football for the school he attended in Nashville. His school played our DuPont football team in Old Hickory, Tennessee. We girls gathered around for autographs which he readily gave us. I always wished I had kept mine safe but, alas, I lost it I guess when our house burned some years later. A special memory even without the autograph.

  23. simonp says:

    Just saw The Yearling with my wife and son on
    Gregory Peck played himself as always (and got an Academy Award nomination for his trouble), but Claude carried the show
    No wonder they created a juvenile Academy Award for him!

  24. jpryts says:

    In the mid 1960’s, a group of people walked up my parents driveway in a relatively exclusive area of the Napa Valley. In talking with them, one of the people introduced himself as Claude Jarman. Apparently he had purchased a house in the area, and was out for a walk with a group of friends when he happened upon our house. I remember immediately seeing the resemblence between this man, and the character in the film, “The Yearling.” He stayed in the neighborhood for several years, and would commute to San Francisco where he held a job in city government.

  25. unknown says:

    He has 7 children, is married and has a travel company in San Francisco…has appeared 2X on the Oscar’s and was in a miniseries call “Centenniel” back in the 80’s..

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