Gary Glitter

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Icon of the British pop scene in the 70’s, somewhat of a rock-n-roll version of Liberace…

Where are they now?

He was arrested on child pornography charges in England in 1997, after a computer technician fixing his computer found indecent images of young children on his hard drive.
In April, 2002 he was discovered renting an apartment in Cambodia, in the capital city of Phnom, and may be deported for no particular reason.

Update November 23/2005: Glitter in Vietnamese police custody being questioned on allegations of sexual relations with underage girls.


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6 responses to “Gary Glitter”

  1. Mark S says:

    No death could be too slow for this piece of sub-human garbage…!

  2. Chatter says:

    Got himself arrested again in England for *** with minors. This appears to be linked to the revelation of a number of entertainers who committed lurid acts on minors going back several years.

  3. Mark says:

    A disgusting and disgraceful thing. He should be locked up for the rest of his hopefully miserable days.

  4. Blah Blah says:

    Saw him in Harrods when I worked there. He was wearing a wig. He lives in Chelsea now.

  5. Unindicted Co-Conspirator says:

    From Wikipedia:
    Glitter’s Vietnamese lawyer, Le Thanh Kinh, said that his client intended to return to the UK, although he had also expressed interest in moving to either Hong Kong or Singapore. In the UK it was reported that he would be placed on the Sex Offenders Register on his return. British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said he should be given a Foreign Travel Order (FTO) banning him from overseas travel: “We need to control him, and he will be [controlled] once he returns to this country.”

    Glitter was released from Thu Duc prison in southern Binh Thuan province on 19 August 2008. He was escorted under police guard to Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and put on board a flight to London via Bangkok. At Bangkok he claimed that he had tinnitus and a heart condition, and refused to board the flight to London despite the efforts of British police sent to escort him, although they had no jurisdiction to take action. He was refused entry to Thailand and threatened with deportation to the UK. On the evening of 20 August he took a flight to Hong Kong, where he requested medical treatment saying he was suffering a heart attack. However the Hong Kong authorities also refused to admit him and he returned to Thailand the next day.

    At least nineteen countries, including Cuba, Cambodia and the Philippines, announced that they would refuse to admit Glitter, and on 21 August the Thai authorities stated that he had agreed to return to the UK. He arrived back in the UK at Heathrow Airport at 7:10am on 22 August 2008, where he was met by British police officers.

    On his return to the United Kingdom, Glitter was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life, and stated an intention to appeal against this decision; on 16 January 2009, however, it was announced that he had abandoned this move.

  6. Gary Glitter update says:

    After being released from a Vietnamese prison where he served time for molesting two underage girls, Glitter was refused entry into Thailand, Hong Kong then Thailand again and appears headed home to the UK.

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