Grace Slick

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One of the foremost rock queens of the 1960s & 1970s first headed her own group the Great Society before Paul Kantner urged her to replace girl-singer Signe Anderson in his up-n-coming rock group Jefferson Airplane With her trademark long, black hair, violet eyes, psychedelic clothing and vocals “like an electric guitar” Grace burned her mark on rock history with her hit songs Somebody to Love and White Rabbit.
Despite her flagrantly wild lifestyle Grace managed to ride the “Jefferson Airplane” and the Starship through the 1980s.

Where are they now?

Following her much-earned sobriety Grace reunited with “Jefferson Airplane” for a 1989 album & tour. But aging and health issues caused Grace to retire from performing and focus her attentions on artistry and animal rights.
Now a white-haired matron in her 60s Grace lives a quiet life in Malibu. “I don’t like old people on the rock-n-roll stage…Me included!” Grace told VH1 in a 1998 interview.


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2 responses to “Grace Slick”

  1. dee parra says:

    Almost Met Grace in the summer of1973-she left her black&white composition book in a ladies room in a downtown club -I went to see Papa John Creach and his band Zulu. I tried to give it back to her and thought I get a photo and some big dude took it from me and pushed me aside!!! Thanks Grace -PS I should of kept it as it was her solo album material as I recognized some doodling when her album came out (a self portrait)-I wrote to her a couple of times to no avail I guess rich rock stars are mean&selfish-living in Malibu makes people weird!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    I don’t know where Grace is now or what she is doing. Last I heard she gave up singing rock. I only know she is still a beautiful woman. She always was. Those eyes of hers will forever be 20 years old.

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