Bobby Sherman

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Bobby Sherman was a popular “teen-idol” of the 1960s & 70s. Gained international stardom with the hit TV series Here come the Brides charting it’s title song Seattle and following up with more chart toppers such as Little Woman, Easy come,Easy Go, Julie,Julie…, yet a failed TV series of his own and the increase of competing male “teen-idols” led to his dropping from the spotlight in the early 70s.

Where are they now?

Bobby has fathered 2 sons and has found a respectable niche as a medic/policeman in Southern California.
He has served as Captain on the LAPD, teaching CPR & First Aid and most recently as Sheriff on the San Bernadino Police Dept.


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  1. Colleen says:

    Not sure where y’all are getting your information, but Bobby is alive & well, married with two sons and grandchildren. He had a very successful career in Law Enforcement as a policeman and certified paramedic in…umm, Santa Monica I believe. Retired as a Captain. My neighbor was the recipient of a speeding ticket from him! The only time she was ever cited for anything and it was Bobby Sherman!!! Said she’s never been sorry, lol! Oh my gosh, I loved him, posters, album, which came with a “Scrapbook,” and is still a cherished possession. Everything was so simple then., or so it seemed! Girls born in the late 50’s to mid 60’s adored him. Davy Jones, David Cassidy, John, Paul, George & Ringo – someone for everyone, lol. I miss the innocence of that era. Alas, a new show with Davy Jones & Bobby is no longer possible. Davy died years ago.

  2. Gayle Mahr, Sebastian FL says:

    I was crazy about Bobby from the beginning. He was “the boy I was gonna marry” and when I finally saw him in concert at Westbury Music Fair up on Long Island, NY and had front row seats, he actually touched my hand AND kissed my cheek! I nearly died from excitement!! (P.S. I was 13 years old)

    For all you fans out there – Here Come The Brides is out on DVD!!!!

  3. Rose Helg says:

    I was and Still Am a Fan of Bobby Sherman. I still remember putting up my pictures of him on my wall. I still had his pictures, taken down of course, when I started dated my boyfriend, 30 years ago, and he seen it and thrown them away by accident, after our first kid. Yes Right Accident !!! Get Real. LOL

  4. JuniV says:

    I understand he was a police officer and paramedic. He had two children and six grandchildren!

  5. Albert said. says:

    Big fan of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy would love to see a episode of getting together the tv show that was a spinoff from the Partridge family.

  6. oldies fan from the Czech Republic says:

    Bobby Sherman and two boys (Sean and David) recorded the Christmas song “Christmas Is (Make It Sweet)” in 1970. Are these boys his sons ?

  7. nona says:

    I really like him in his shows and I still have his records. I really had a bad crush on him. Glade he got into a good profession. We both have one thing in common I am a retired Volunteer for out local sheriff dept here I Tulare county. well always like you and all. I know he probably never see these but o well..

  8. Theresa says:

    Love to hear him sing. I had him and David Cassidy hanging up in my lockers in school and on my wall at home. I wish here comes the bride still came on he is so good looking and still good looking now wish he would put on some concerts I would go just to see him

  9. Beth pruente says:

    Il love my BOBBY SHERMAN! I will always. He once called a friend of mine who was suppose to be dying of breast cancer after I wrote to him. It turned out that she lied to get friends…no breast cancer! My room and school locker were decorated with Bobby’s pictures. I lined one of his lunchbox’s with pink felt and carried it as a purse. i still love you Boobby.

  10. Jeanette Richardson says:

    OMG people. Just because Bobby Sherman was good friends with Sal Mineo does NOT mean he was gay or that they had a thing for one another!! Just because I have close gay friends does NOT mean I am gay either!!

    Love You Bobby!! I still have all my posters of you I had pinned up on my bedroom walls. Great memories!!!

  11. handsomeblackcowboybrady1953 says:

    Am I the only dude posting here?Anyway,my late sister Wendy-who married July 18,1981-LOVED Bobby Sherman!!!!Her bedroom was a Bobby Sherman shrine,and she was likely the only black girl who was into him.(Most other black teenyboppers were Jackson Five fans.)

  12. Franny says:

    I too, had his photos on my walls! Big crush after Here come the Brides. My husband gave me the DVD’s for Christmas and his ex is Bobby’s cousin.

  13. Bobby Sherman says:

    Bobby Sherman was the first concert I ever went to in Houston, TX with my cousin! I will never forget it!

  14. Louann says:

    My best friend, Julie, also had her bedroom walls plastered with Bobby Sherman posters. Her Mom bought her tickets to see him in Saratoga in Sept.(1970?) as an early birthday gift as her birthday is early Oct. She brought another friend and myself. Just before we went, he wrote “Julie, Julie, Julie, do ya love me,”…..”see you in September.” WE were all sure it was destiny. At the concert, he shook one friends hand, winked at me and ……blew Julie a kiss. Even though people were climbing over the top of us (we were in the third row), we didn’t care. So wish I could get a current photo and autograph for her upcoming birthday in Oct 2016. (PS a group of us even called his parents’ house in CA from NY at a pajama party. What a fun time!!!

  15. Judy says:

    Is Bobby married right now .I know he is living in California. Just curious..I had his posters all over my walls him still.. I Love You Bobby.. 🙂 Bobby, David Cassidy, Donny Osmond whom I seen in person way back, & Davy Jones were plastered all over my walls & had all their records.. still love them all..Bobby is still nice looking… <3

  16. Deb says:

    Bobby made appearances but seemed silent after his first book for his fans years ago*Version*=1&*entries*=0 . I enjoyed it.
    He stayed single for most of his life but recently married. I hope he’s happy. Whether some rumors years ago were true or not, he is still the same person. We only love what we see and he never did anything evil, his multi-faceted personality is his and I thank him for all the wonderful and mostly clean dreams of my youth. According to most of these posts, he would have a very crowded chapel if all our dreams came true. ; )

  17. Theresa Helton says:

    I loved Bobby Sherman growing up.I would buy teen magazine just to get his poster out of it. I would get the radio station to play his songs him and David Cassidy was my teen idol and still is I go to YouTube and watch videos.hope you are doing well and I will still listen to your songs

  18. IN 1971 I NAMED MY SON AFTER HIM ! says:


  19. Betty Lindsey says:

    I,ve have been a Bobby Sherman fan I even now. If there is rerun’ s of any show. He played in I have to watch,when I was 11years old he stoled my heart never has any singer or actor. Has. Ever done that I alway’s hope that I could meet him is person,I believe he would be a friendly person.God has really blessed him.and I wish him well,oneday if not on this earth I,ll see him in heaven.take care Bobby Sherman I still enjoy seeing you on tv and play your songs a lot.

  20. Sonia says:

    En mi adolescencia todos los domingos en mi país pasaban el programa Shinding que no me perdía nunca solo para mirar y admirar a Boby Sherman. Cantaba hermoso y además era tan lindo.

  21. peggy whitfield says:

    I was such a fan. U were the first. Concert ever attended Ann

    I loved l you bobby and attended my first concert. And spent a lot. That was in pittsburgh pa and did not see another until don and Marie last year. I also was a paramedic so excited u r 2. I would love for a CD to come out with all the old songs as u can’t play records any more. Always watch Oprah to see if she would do where is bobby Sherman

  22. Sharon says:

    You know I loved Bobby too, just like you all. And recently I had happened upon him in my googling and I I started listening to all his songs and watching his videos. Yes, he was a beautiful man and those blue eyes, etc. etc. Being the inquisitive person I am I kept digging for information and last night I just found out something that makes me feel ill about his so called innocence. There was a bio written about Sal Mineo in 2010. Sal, if you recall was an actor who was linked to James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and he was brutally murdered in 1976. I read there was a lot of material in the bio about Sal helping Bobby Sherman to get his start in Shindig. Well, it didn’t come without a price or maybe Bobby Sherman just enjoyed giving himself to Sal (Sal was a closet gay). I don’t think Bobby is gay at all but I think he used Sal to get his big break. Sal was enamored of Bobby at the time and Bobby did what he had to do to get ahead. Don’t get angry at this post because I am very disappointed. Check out the 2010 bio on Sal if you have doubts. Let’s just stop this thing I’ve been reading so much about how innocent Bobby was. It makes me ill. I’ll still listen to his songs and think back fondly about that time, but with a new perspective.

  23. Kat Carrington Thomason says:

    I am and will always be a Bobby Sherman fan! I had my walls covered with pictures of him. I was so in love with him.I was a good southern girl who loved her family and always minded but if Bobby Sherman had showed up at my front door, I would have been gone so fast.Sorry we never met.I missed out !But so did you Bobby this pretty little ponytail southern girl would have went with you in a second.So I guess we both lost out.I would love to hear from him,How can I make that happen? My

  24. Cheryl Milliron says:

    I recently found a picture when I met Bobby Sherman at Disneyland. It was in 1983. My how time flies! I am a Disneyholic and Bobby Sherman was an idle of mine. How cool was that! What’s also awesome is my daughter 18, met one of her favorite people, Lance Bass, from Nsync at Disneyland. I wish I would have known he was LAPD because I volunteered with them about a year and a half. I know no one is going to read this but it was sure fun for me to reminisce

  25. CAROL PARTAIN says:

    I was reading that he was or is still working in san bernadino cty. sherrifs. ? is this true. if so where . I live in san bernadino cty. by the Ontario airport. where can one write him.

  26. Lynn Ferguson says:

    I saw you in person about 8 years ago at the Santa Cruz Beach concert series. My heart is still yours!!! All of us 40 and 50 something ladies still knew all of your songs!!

    Can I nominate you for “where are they now” on Oprah?

  27. sheryl wellbrock says:

    I have always been a fan always will. I wish tv land would show Here Comes the Brides

  28. mary childress says:

    Hello Mr. Bobby Sherman. i was so crazy about you in the 70’s an i still crazy about you in the 2014 era. Y was so darn georgeous an you still are as far as i am concerned. I am 58 now an still have a crush on you. So proud of you an wanted to say you still are so handsome. God Bless you an your family.I will always be your fan always. Take care now an i have so much respect for you.

  29. Barb says:

    Like every other teen age girl in the 70’s I loved Bobby Sherman. My walls had his pictures all over them. I use to drive my family crazy playing his records over and over. I would go without school lunches just to buy 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat, and oh yes I had to write him all the time in those days stamps were only a nickel. I was one of the lucky girls that actually got to go to one of his concerts when he was appearing in San Bernadino, I am now 59 years old, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I also remember meeting Zooey Hall in Los Angles and getting after him for hitting my Bobby. Zooey was really nice and reassured me he didn’t hurt Bobby. I was sorry to hear that he got a divorce, but yet when he got married i thought my heart was gonna break. I’m so happy he found love again. Everybody needs someone! And what a wonderful person he is!!! He has never been in trouble with the law or used any drugs that I know of infact he’s a Capitan for the LAPD. Its been over 2 decades since I heard any of his music I can’t believe I still remember the words to his songs. And Mr Robert Sherman your just as cute as ever and I’ll always be a Bobby Sherman fan!

  30. eva says:

    I thought he was a gorgeous and talented boy. I am so glad he is not one of those flash in the pan stars who turned to drugs and craziness. Instead, he built a real life, and a real family. If it couldn’t be with me, I’s still thrilled that he is doing well.

  31. Linda Pilkington 12-31-13 says:

    Loved him when I was a teen,and though I’m older now still do.Received his book this Christmas and is a signed copy.Will read it after holiday hoopla dies down.Hope he’s stll doing well.

  32. Libby says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! My walls were PLASTERED with Bobby Sherman posters! WALL TO WALL!! I was so in love with him when I was a teenager, and would have jumped on the chance to marry him!!!! I am still a fan, and I’m am glad to see him on here, and to hear that he is still going strong!!

  33. Colleen Weber says:

    My nightly prayer when I was 10 was that Bobby would stay single until I was old enough to date. I had such a crush on him. My heart still skips a beat when I see his picture!

  34. Becky says:

    Not only my heart throb as a teenager but I had your pictures plastered all over my walls… My life size one I kissed every day before leaving for school and again before bed time. Mom told me then you were too old for me but you were just a dream boat to me!!! Not so far apart now that we are old…I’m 56

  35. peg says:

    I wanted to show my 17 year old son who i was supposed to marry !! Was soooo in love with bobby when i was a teenager. About 5 years ago my brother gave me a bobby sherman christmas cd as a joke but i played and played it !! what memories of him i have !! glad to hear he’s alive and well, i’m still a fan !!! PEG

  36. SYLVIA BRUNO says:


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