Robyn Hilton

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Robyn Hilton is an American actress and model, probably best known for her small supporting role in Mel Brooks’ 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles.
Robyn Hilton was born in Twin Falls, Iowa, in 1940. In her twenties she spent several years posing nude for men’s publications, and also began starring in short topless loops and Nudie Cutie films. Eventually she met Mitch Orenstien, owner and CEO of adult magazine publisher M.O.R.E. Publications.

Orenstien devoted pages to her in every publication he had. Hilton began an affair with Mitch Orenstien in the mid 1960’s, shortly after their first photoshoot.

In 1971 Orenstien He started a small, independent film company, M.O.R.E. Films, in 1971. By the end of 1972, he was cranking out single-reel loops and nudie cutie films. Robyn however preferred to stay on the legitimate side of acting.

Her big break came in 1974, when Mel Brooks cast her in his hit comedy Blazing Saddles. She played Miss Stein, secretary to the incompetent Gov. William J. LePetomaine.

She was also featured in Playboy twice that year, fully clothed both times.

Where are they now?

After Blazing Saddles came roles in a handful of mainstream films and television series, including Starsky and Hutch.
Eventually the work dried up, and Hilton returned to the adult film industry. She turned to her long-time lover, Mitch Orenstien for help.

In 1976, his publishers released a special issue dedicated to her entitled M.O.R.E. Robyn Hilton. The issue was 124 pages and had over 200 pictures of Robyn wearing different costumes and in various states of undress. Only 100 issues were printed before M.O.R.E Publications went out of business.

Hilton eventually acted in six adult feature films and two dozen sex shorts from 1975 to 1977.

In the fall of 1978, an electrical fire destroyed Mitch Orenstien’s private warehouse in Carson City, Nevada. A majority of Hilton’s adult shorts and features are considered lost forever as are most of the nude pictures she posed for.

There is virtually no photographic record or evidence of her foray into the adult industry. Hilton finally parted ways with M.O.R.E. Publications in 1990 after twenty years of working together. She has since retired from the film industry. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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  1. Byron Mullet says:

    Just watched Robin Hilton on Johnny Carson myself. What a sweet and beautiful young woman. So feminine, she talks like Connie Francis. It’s too bad that Hollywood didn’t find a decent place for her other than adult films. She didn’t have to take it off to be sexy, she just was. Hope she’s doing well, wherever she is.

  2. Just one more said says:

    lolololol, please don’t grovel Michael…

  3. Just one more said says:

    Deanna…… Please come out of hiding….. or do I have to show pictures of you from the 1950’s? I know it’s you Miss Baby sitter! Email me! Plz!

  4. Just One Said says:

    Robyn was my babysitter growing up in Twin Falls. She and her little sister Heidi lived across the street. Heidi was my age but Robyn was about 17 or 18 when I was 6. My brothers and I used to sneak out of bed and spy on Robyn and her boyfriend making out on the couch. She was very nice and always kind to us. I don’t remember her family being mormon. The all moved to California a few years after that.

  5. Just one more said says:

    Hello Neighbor! Thank you for your memories of Robyn! I would really enjoy a conversation with you if you don’t mind. Please contact me at the above email address and we can share a lot of memories together. Thank you!

  6. Just one more said says:

    It’s real easy! I will set up a g-mail address you can respond to. After we connect we will set up another address that only you and I will know and correspond through. So?

  7. Just one more said says:

    Just write “Yes” and I will post the email address within a couple days and we can go from there. =)

  8. Just One Said says:

    Can we just get on the same page and have a pleasant discussion about a life so well perceived as a beautiful woman who entertained millions. You have the opportunity to become a legendary figure beyond just your generation.

  9. Just One Said says:

    Prove me wrong!

  10. Just One Said says:

    As a hint….both Jake and Dobie were clients of mine. You should know who I’m talking about.

  11. Just One Said says:

    I have set up an account…..…. It would be best for you to respond quickly so we can keep our conversation private….At that point you can ask me anything…..say anything and go from there… you can also prove me wrong as well if that is what you want to do but let’s do it one way or the other…let me know!

  12. Just One Said says:

    Will you at least respond to me in a simple conversation? If so I will gladly open up to you in like kind.

  13. Pointer Just One Said says:

    So let me understand this correctly…..
    I’m going to open up a little bit and hopefully you will understand me and my intentions better.

  14. Just One Said says: you are on mountain time..

  15. Just One Said says:

    I really can’t believe how cynical you’ve become! Why did you divorce Alan? Or did he divorce you?
    The comment by “Madelyne her (step grandmother) said:

    “Hi I am her granddaughter step really, Robyn Hilton is living in a little town in Sonoma County, she is living in a small house with her grumpy husband. And she is living barely, she had to kids, but they got killed in a car accident, sadly, Now she is depressed and old, and her teeth are falling out.”

    Is looking more and more like the truth. Very sad…..

  16. Just One More Thing says:

    Very sad Robyn….Very, Very sad….. But it’s your life and your legacy you’re leaving behind.

  17. Just One More Said !! says:


  18. Just one more said says:

    So you know Robyn Hilton soooo well that you do not know who Deanna Molyneax is! Right! You also claim Robyn is 75 years old! How could she graduate from high school in 1958 if she was born in 1944? Even school records are more informed than that lie! So again if this is not you Robyn, than why the hell is it soooo important for you to keep checking this blog and defending her name? What interest is there from you in this conversation? And if you are not Deanna Jo Molyneax then you must be that fat ugly jealous woman who writes mean nasty things on this page in response to her fans! Check your own mean nasty words from above! Trolling! What the hell are you doing trolling on here checking out what people say about her! What difference does it make to you, Miss Troll, if somebody says ANYTHING about her! Your hateful words against me are not making you look very innocent but rather more like a bitter old woman! So in the past? Then why are you living in it as well? Are you saying that fans can’t admire or watch old movies of such stars as Greta Garbo or Vivian Leigh because you say they are fantasies of the past? Tell that to Turner Classic Movies! So why don’t you come clean? What’s your motive? What’s your problem? If it’s you Deanna / Robyn then why not take a better approach to your life and your legacy? I have a motive and a career. It’s called journalistic writing! If you are not her then why don’t you get a life and just buzz off? But If this is you, Robyn, then talk to me! There are a lot of positive things to accomplish here!

  19. Just one more said says:

    Please, I only brought to your attention on how rude and mean your were to the person you said was ugly, fat, and an old jealous person of Miss Molyneux. Who in the hell is Deanna, and I am not the person who you think you are talking to. You have to realize there are trollers in this conversation and I think you are truly one of them thinking you know Miss Molyneux, just saying. It’s 2019 and she is 75 years old !! Hate to burst your bubble. Your fantasy is so in the past !!!

  20. Just one more said says:

    Ok! I agree Robyn that groveling is not very admirable! But to use an old cliche… “It must have been your beauty that drives me to beg for your attention”. 😉 Just remember that acting unfriendly and saying mean things isn’t very attractive neither…..To show people, your fans, that you can be more kind and gracious is the image they expect of you. Remember people remember you as a beautiful and charming woman. It would do you well to still give them that impression and image. Those before you like Garbo, Carole Lombard, Vivien Leigh and the like have left a lasting impression of beauty, success and grace. I believe it would benefit you you as well.

  21. Just one more said says:

    So let’s chat via email!

  22. One more thing says:

    Happy New Year! I hope the new year will bring you a new lease on life! 2019 can be an amazing new life for you. Take life to the next level and embrace it with a fresh approach. Just like the young girl from Twin Falls. 😉 Take care!

  23. So much more says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you have a wonderful day with family and loved ones!

  24. Just one more says:

    So what do you think? It would be very positive and fun to chat online. Plz consider it!

  25. Just one more says:

    Robyn,…… I hope that you will understand that I am a sincere guy who understands more about you than you give me credit for. Yes I have read all the comments that really were disgusting. Especially those calling you a dude or saying you have a flat ***! Really hurtful and jealous words against a girl who started out as a sweet farm girl who believed that becoming a movie star would be like it was during the Golden Era of film such as stars like Garbo, Gable, Lombard etc. Men especially can be so cruel and agents and promoters can be total a.s.s.holes. I grew up on the Westside and spent many a time with movie stars, writers, etc. I really wish you would let us have a conversation on line so that you could set the record straight who you really are and were while in Hollywood. Look at all the stupid things they say about you! Like you were married to Mel Gibson. Showing pictures of Kathy Hilton or Rachel Welch and saying it’s you. Why not set the record straight so that when you are gone the truth will be on record. If you were to just touch base with me you will know and remember who I am. I really do want to help you. We could set up a separate line of communication and just email each other back and forth. There is so much I would like to share with you as well. Please take me seriously and reconsider how great it would be! XOXO! Michael

  26. Just one more says:

    Deanna …Are those Mormon prayers? I hope they were sincere! For the record I’m none of those descriptions you made about me. I even forgive you for those ugly comments to me “Your probably so old you fart dust. Your stomach is probably so big it enters a room before you do. With that being said, you probably have a string around your dick so you can find it and then pee down the string. I bet you have a poster of her in your bathroom along side your little blue pills. Your probably so bald you think it’s a solar panel for your *** machine. I could go on and on, but see , it’s not very nice to say mean things..” I guess your comments to me weren’t mean?…..Please come out of your shell. People want to know what happened to you. Tell your story! I see from your comments that you are back in Idaho via mountain time. Can we just have a decent conversation? Just open up Deanna…It’ll be incredible to hear from you again!

  27. Just one more says:

    Oh my goodness, who is Deanna? All I was trying to convey to you it’s not nice to call someone who made a comment, and it wasn’t a derogatory remark against Miss Molyneux, for you to go and call another person jealous, fat and ugly person. I found it to be a truthful statement that whomever made it, nothing more, nothing less !!! I just found your comment unnecessary and wanted to point it out. Obviously you haven’t read or comprehended the comments because if you were any kind of person, they do not put Miss Molyneux in a respectful lite. Thank God she made a name for herself and hopefully she is happy, healthy and living a fulfilled life. All I was saying it was extremely rude of you to say such ugly things about another person who might know her better than you do and the others saying such derogatory stories on how special they were to see her naked or being with her. Read again Men All Who Think You Know Her with an open mind and you will see what that person was saying. It’s disgusting, degrading to a woman who tried to make something of her life that probably was abused by men to try and get where she wanted to be in life. Prayers for you Just One More Said

  28. Just one more says:

    So Deanna – Why don’t you come out of your shell? I know it’s you!

  29. Just one more says:

    That wasn’t nice just one more. Your probably so old you fart dust. Your stomach is probably so big it enters a room before you do. With that being said, you probably have a string around your dick so you can find it and then pee down the string. I bet you have a poster of her in your bathroom along side your little blue pills. Your probably so bald you think it’s a solar panel for your *** machine. I could go on and on, but see , it’s not very nice to say mean things, lololololololol

  30. Just one more says:

    Thank you for the compliments !!!!

  31. Just one more says:

    What’s entertaining is that you are a jealous woman who is probably fat and ugly trying to make a successful beautiful woman look bad. What a joke!

  32. Men, all who think you know her! says:

    That picture is definitely not her and first she had 3 children. Her step-father was not a State Patrol Officer. She didn’t have her father’s hands for she did not know her biological father and all who just think your so special seeing her without her clothes is just so hysterical like I can one up you, lololol. It’s just so entertaining reading all these post, lolol.

  33. Gay Young says:

    I was a friend in high school, she married Bill Hilton right out of school. Had 2 girls right away. 1 baby died in infancy and is buried in Twin Falls cemetary.
    She was a very nice girl , boys were crazy over her. She acted in drama plays in high school.
    I remember her father was a state patrol officer.
    She definately was all girl as I saw her changing clothes with all of us.
    Hope she is having a good life.

  34. Photo is inaccurate. That woman is not tall enough says:

    Photo is inaccurate. That woman is not tall enough and her hands not the same. Even her facial structure is incorrect. Nose too thick, lips incorrect, fingers short and pudgy. Robyn had her fathers hands that picture is not her!

  35. Possibly a more permanent link (pic from 2017) says:

  36. Pretty sure this is the town she lives in now. says:

    According to the 2000 census, about 175 people live in Duncans Mills, CA. There are around 42 family households and 31 non-family households. Each household has an average of 2-3 people. In Duncans Mills, there are 129 houses, and 56 of them are vacant and 52 of them are seasonal, recreational, of occasional use.

  37. Tlm Bush says:

    Any current , accurate, info on Robyn. Fascinating person.

  38. To Michael says:

    Just a small note . You have no idea what you are talking about and as far as slandering her first husband, you should really be careful !!!!

  39. Carl Barnes says:

    She was a Mormon? I bet the church had something to do with the fire that burned all her work in Carson City.

  40. chery says:

    natalieann: I never saw Blazing Saddles and first time I saw Rob was on that short clip of Carson show, as soon as I saw Rob, I knew he was a man. Broad shoulders, no hips, jaw, it was so evident. Too bad people look at the ***** and get totally distracted.

  41. Michael says:

    Tranny? …Ok…So she was tall…but Robyn was not 5’10”. She was closer to 5′ 9-1/2″. I am 5’10” and when I would look into her eyes she was just slightly shorter than me. But no way was she 6′ like some idiot who never met her say she is. Broad shoulders? No hips? Linda Evans was also a favorite of mine watching her on Dynasty and The Big Valley. Then I guess Linda Evans was a tranny also! Check her out sometime. Evans had NO hips and MAJOR broad shoulders along with her tall frame. Does that make Evans a tranny as well? These pieces of false evidence about Robyn have no experience with such women not to mention even meeting her.
    . I also dated a woman who was 6’3″ tall, who was a model and also played professional volleyball. Maybe you should look at some of the ladies Olympic volleyball players and tell me they are dudes! My 6’3″ girlfriend was strong and very athletic along with her team mates. Yes, with broad shoulders and slender hips.
    Adam’s apple? Look closely at Robyn’s photos and tell me she has an Adams apple? Do you think Mel Brooks couldn’t tell the difference? That Fernando Llamas would have been flirting with a tranny sitting next to him. Like he couldn’t tell? How about Carson and Doc Severance? Think they were fooled as well. Really sounds to me that these comments come from jealous women in a cat fight scratching on a beautiful woman’s success.
    When you don’t have the evidence and only speculate or assume then you make an *** out of yourself.

  42. Pointer Michael says:

    So reading that someone is calling her a tranny or having false ***** is just rediculous. Needing to speak out now I can tell you that she is all woman. No implants and most definitely all female genitalia because I have been there! I certainly wanted to be a gentleman but when people spread such lies I have to speak up. I only wish she would come forward. I would love to meet with her again. Those boyfriends she had were abusive and just users of a very sweet girl. Apparently her husband, if it is true, wasn’t much better. Why can’t men appreciate women with brains and talent? Really a shame that her life didn’t become what should have been her dream career. Robyn XOXO

  43. WinningIsGreat says:

    Thank God that Fat Lying Cheating Criminal Hag Lost!

    Trump 2020

  44. I just saw this. says:

    On 10/25/2016 a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce case was filed by Robyn Jo Hilton against Alan J Mihoces in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Stanley Mosk Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California.

  45. Kal-El says:

    I found that Robyn divorced Alan in Oct. 2016 and found his phone number in Duncans Mills, Ca. No info on Robyn or her daughters to see if they are okay and alive.

  46. Sleuth says:

    Looks like Robyn, in Nov 2016, pursued getting a divorce from her most recent (and “grumpy”) husband –

  47. bugs says:

    If u watch the sexy maid scene on u tube she bends over and can see the flat spot on breast caused by the implant 100 % sure, dam thought they were perfect and real.

  48. Sadly, if you watch the sexy maid scene when she b says:

    your ****** invalid

  49. CC says:

    Rob in was a Transgender

  50. Tim says:

    If I could turn back time…

  51. RiverRon says:

    Looks like current address maybe in the Sonoma Coast State park area…



  53. Google Wizard says:

    seems like her current name is Robyn Jo Mihoces and she married an Alan Mihoces in 1990.

  54. Jaime says:

    More than two years after the first comment and they still can’t figure out the difference between Iowa and Idaho! :o)

  55. Daughters??? says:

    Does anyone have any additional information on her 2 daughters? I was close friends with her oldest daughter when they were staying at the grandmothers apartment in Pomona. I use to live in the house right next door to the apartments on Olive Ave. in Pomona. That was the house I grew up in. I would see Robyn come and go all the time. The daughter and I was probably in Jr. High school at the time. I would really like to know about the girls. Someone posted that they were killed in a car accident. I hope not. Please post any info on them.

  56. vague and little information ..??? says:

    i believe there is much more to her heart goes out to her..2 daughters hmm they look just like her..

  57. Michael says:

    In April 1973 I was a manager at Jeans West on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. Celebrities come in to buy outfits. Andy Griffith, Dionne Warwick, Dobie Gray and several others. One day this customer came in and told me all about this really funny film in which he played the sheriff of an all white town. That was Jake Little. An absolute down to earth person. He took time to chat with me during the sale. He told me about how funny it was but didn’t have a name of the film yet. I will always remember him as a great guy.
    A few weeks later in comes this GORGEOUS BLONDE. I was closing up when she begged me to let her get an outfit for that night. How could I refuse! So I gave her my best and showed her all the latest looks. She tried on several. In the process of changing many outfits with only me in the store and the door locked, I had to endure the fact that she only wore one thing on her body, a gold chain with a Cancer sign on it.NOTHING ELSE!.
    When she went into the dressing room I saw that she was nude so I commented to her “So I see your not wearing any underwear” She replied yes. Is that okay? Of course I did not object. As she came out of that swinging dressing room door I could hardly contain myself. I am telling you she was absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen to this day.I can tell you that it didn’t look like she had any breast implants nor any stretch marks from child birth or any scars from any burns. I can tell you she was near perfect. I can say that she had the most charming and gorgeous ***** I have ever seen. Her stomach was so flat and her breasts stood out like fire works in July.
    I was so aroused I could not contain myself. Very sweet and very directly I asked to kiss her…I mean a real kiss and she let me. Being 10 yrs younger and a gentleman I didn’t push it any further. The loss haunts me to this day! Especially finding out that she did nude photos and some racy films. Believe it or not it is real in my memory for sure!

  58. David C says:

    1967 Pomona, CA lived in an apartment with my wife and young son. Robyn’s mother was the manager. When her mother moved out Robyn then took her mothers place as the apartment manager and moved next door. This is where my wife and I began to get to know her. Robyn was married with two young daughters. Next thing I knew she was getting divorced, the two girls stayed with their father and Robyn was getting started in movies with Paramount Studio.
    Soon after she got involved with some guy his father owned a company of some sort, she lived with him briefly. Robyn is 5’10” with an awesome shape but felt she wanted to get silicone enlargements, the then boyfriend paid for it. Robyn was having affairs with a couple of TV star’s ( no names is better ), know this because I was her message service. Shortly after she got involved with a married guy that had an insurance company. He divorced, Robyn and he moved in together. He bought her a Jaguar and some other nice things. One day coming home there is a moving company, she moved out.
    Needing a place to live, Robyn told me that Paramount agreed to pay for a place in Studio City that was owned by the base guitar player for the band Tijuana Brass. That he had agreed to live in the small second house in back whenever in town. When he met Robyn they soon got involved, this was a serious mistake for Robyn.
    One evening Robyn had a small get together at her place with myself and my wife, some Playboy photographer and a Playboy Centerfold model. Robyn’s furnishings were all white. There was a step down getting into the living room. I was in the kitchen and saw this model pouring a glass of red wine to the very top of the glass. As she is attempting to walk back to the couch she tripped and red wine went all over the white couch…Robyn was extremely pissed. Apparently best I can recall, next day Robyn and the boyfriend are aggravated, she comes out of the shower naked to put spaghetti into the pot of hot water on the stove. Boyfriend in his anger picks up the hot water and throws it onto Robyn causing sever burns. This boyfriend was very insecure and fighting with all of Robyn’s friends, to include me.
    Stayed in touch with Robyn for a few years afterwards. Often wanted to visit with her but it never happened. One phone conversation she mentioned taking singing lessons. That was my last contact with Robyn, wishing I had continued to contact her but it didn’t happen.
    Extremely sexy woman with a sweet personality. Was happy for her when she got the part in Blazing Saddles. Anytime I mention to my friends do you remember the busty red head in the movie, it is always a yes and how many years has that been.
    Someone in these statements indicated Robyn didn’t do so well. I am very sorry to hear that, she was very good and close friend for a long time.

  59. try being a nice respctfull person says:


  60. try being a nice respctfull person says:

    God bless her and step daughter l don’t believe you are who you say you are. And if l’m wrong you are a horrible person

  61. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 01/17/197 says:

  62. mike r says:

    808stevan, I totally agree! Thanks for giving credit where it’s due.

  63. James F. says:

    Very beautiful actress who lived her dream for awhile. Then, appears to have done what she could do to make ends meet. As being about same age, I can only wish for happiness for her in her waning years, and that she appreciates the opportunities she had, that so few of us do.

  64. Tony Vee says:

    Search her on eBay.

  65. 808stevan says:

    To all of you nay sayers above, Robyn Hilton chose to move to Hollywood and become a movie star…have you ever had a dream? Well, did you fulfill yours? She did. End of story. Her first feature film is in the top 100 funniest films of all time and she will always be an American Icon and a shining example of a Go For Your Dreams. Things may not have turned out so great in the end, but she should be celebrated for her accomplishment. Like her work or not, she DID IT!

  66. George Vreeland Hill says:

    It’s a shame that she did adult films.
    She was better than that.
    However, I loved her work as an actress.
    Would like to see her today.

    George Vreeland Hill

  67. She had a short lived career because of her choice says:

    She had a short lived career because of her choices.

  68. BiginThePant says:

    You know Johnny wanted to bend her over the couch and introduce her to “Little John”

  69. Just watched both showings of the Johnny Carson Sh says:

    nice rack and every other part of her.

  70. Ray K.replies says:

    Saw the Johnny C. 1974 show last evening with Robyn on…To be honest I thought she acted like a brainless twit…Not sure if this was a character act that she was putting on, but I thought that she was just showing off her attributes and not exercising her brain and giving the audience a different perspective of her gifts.

  71. says:

  72. J.Z. says:

    In 1974 $11,000 was enough to buy two new Ford Mustangs.

  73. jerry says:

    I just watched the Carson episode and remembered her from Blazing Saddles, she was pretty gorgeous back then. Lamas was drooling and Carson was toungue tied. Funny stuff. Too bad she had to turn to adult films but the fire may have been a blessing in disguise for her because those films would be posted all over the internet now and she wouldn’t be getting a dime.

  74. Nettie from Netcong, NJ says:

    I am presently watching her on a repeat of Johnny Carson. January 21.2017. She really was beautiful and had quite a figure. Pretty face. Very soft spoken. To think she went on to be a star in Nude films is amazing. I guess in 1974, $11,000. was a lot of money. She told Johnny she was offered that amount to pose nude in a magazine, but would never do it. I guess she changed her mind.

  75. 10inch says:

    just one more ******* dirty *****.
    Her Mormon parent must have been proud. Poor people.
    if her teeth feel out, i guess that would be a good thing? wink wink

  76. NatalieAnn says:

    Rob- in was a Trannie..Transgender I believe..BIG hands..BIG Feet, no waistline..Huge Jaw-adams apple, 6 feet tall etc etc..ROB was a Dude..Trannie..Sadly this person was used and abused in the **** industry..IM glad there was a fire 2 burn His-her nudie photos..Poor thing..Didnt make it big then **** today Trannies rule hoolywood and all of em are the research..

  77. Cindy Ann caron says:

    She was my best friend when I was a little girl she use to
    Take me out and get me stuff when I stayed at her house.

  78. Cindy Ann caron says:

    I know Robyn when I use to be a little girl and I use to stay at her house and in guernville California and she was a good friend and I had
    Fun at her house . Cindy Ann caron

  79. Icedtea says:

    Madelyne her (step grandmother): If true, it’s a shame. I’m not assuming you are untruthful, but we must all be careful as there are some people who enjoy misrepresenting things to others. It always bothers me to hear about someone who was so clearly different from others at one time (in her case, being so beautiful), and then to later learn they changed to become just like everyone else. They must feel like they’ve fallen much further than others. Anyway, thanks for letting us know.

  80. Madelyne her (step grandmother) says:

    Hi I am her granddaughter step really, Robyn Hilton is living in a little town in Sonoma County, she is living in a small house with her grumpy husband. And she is living barely, she had to kids, but they got killed in a car accident, sadly, Now she is depressed and old, and her teeth are falling out.

  81. DPJohnson says:

    I just saw Robyn on a January 1974 repeat of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show on Antenna TV…what a BABE she was on that edition! It re-airs later tonight at 1:30 AM Eastern–WATCH IT!

  82. Tony B. says:

    Watching last nights 2/17/74 episode of the TS starring JC w/Robyn.
    Whattya’ rack. ??

  83. Tony B. says:

    I’m watching it too. She is amazing! I assumed she was someone Paris Hilton was related to, but I guess not. Who knows?

  84. Ransack68 says:

    Just got done watching the Carson show and went straight into watching blazing saddles. She has been a heart throb of mine since that movie came out in 74….

  85. Christian says:

    I just watched her and googled her name, yes, what a babe! I’m so curious about her story! From what I am reading she is still alive, but no one knows of her current whereabouts. She seems to have quit her film and TV career early, and her adult film work and shorts were destroyed by fire in a warehouse. Would be awesome to see some more of her work, she seemed to exude a natural sweetness, not like many of the conceited celebrities of today. I would love to see more of her work, and interview clips. Would love to know why she left Hollywood, and would love to see more pics of her!

  86. Jennifer says:

    Watching it now! Great show:)

  87. Kenny R says:

    I had never heard of her until I saw her last night on Carson. Stunning young lady. She said she turned down 10k to pose for Playboy because she didn’t think it was right. I was shocked to read that she ended up in Adult shoots. You never know what people will end up doing.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Watching it now too, great show:)

  89. Still acting says:

    She’s still acting and teaching theater under another name.

  90. Pointer Lori says:

    I saw the episode of The Carson show. Robyn Hilton was very good on the show. Robyn probably lert Hollywood, because they were not giving her any good scripts to do, which is Hollywood. Robyn Hilton did say she was from Twin Falls,Idaho.I was surprised she was a Mormon, and was divorced, I bet her parents weren’t happy with her choices. Would like to see how she looks now,and what she is doing with her life. I wish her the best.

  91. Tobias says:

    I think it was this episode of Carson that Billy Crystal saw and came up with the character of ‘Fernando’, based on how, fellow guest Fernando Lamas interacted with Robyn Hilton.

  92. Norvo says:

    @Tony B: the Antenna cable network has been reairing old Tonight Shows for months now. It’s really quite fun to see 🙂 Robyn Hilton’s appearance on the show brought me here as well. Fascinating how unapologetically horny Doc and Johnny were around her. No double entendres there, just two middleaged (married!) men lusting after a young blonde actress and the audience loved it.

    How quickly times change: if Fallon or Colbert would try that today, they’d be out of a job before the next commercial break.

  93. Deuce Wang says:

    Thanks for info, Hersh. Ever bump into her since school? Thanks for clarification JM, I thought the same thing. Raqi, baby.

  94. JMc says:

    The first photo is Miss Hilton, but the second is absolutely a more current picture of Raquel Welch. The only similarity these ladies share is their mutually voluptuous figures.

  95. Hersh Wilham says:

    Robyn Hilton’s real name Robyn Molinaux and she’s from Twin Falls Idaho
    not Iowa. I went to school with her.

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