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Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly entered the reality television world in the summer of 2010 when she starred in the twelfth season of Big Brother. Her outspokenness caused her to immediately be considered a villain in the household, and her almost i...Read More

Jordan Lloyd

Jordan Lloyd entered the reality television world in the summer of the 2009 when she appeared on the eleventh season of the CBS series Big Brother. Lloyd went on to win the season despite never being considered a real threat in th...Read More

William Hung

William Hung is best known for his 2004 audition for American Idol. Hung sang – in a rather off-key manner – Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” and won over adoring fans all over the world....Read More

Ruben Studdard

Studdard rose to fame after winning the third season of American Idol, just narrowly beating out his competitor Clay Aiken...Read More

Richard Hatch

Prior to, ‘Survivor’, Hatch was a corporate trainer (a specialized skill development where the goal is to help improve the performance of the employees) residing in Newport, Rhode Island. He spent five years in the United Stat...Read More

Ethan Zohn

Prior to, ‘Survivor’, Zohn was a professional soccer goalkeeper at, Vassar College, Hawaii Tsunami, Cape Cod Crusaders of the United Soccer Leagues, and in Zimbabwe for Highlanders F.C. He won seven challenges, making him a ph...Read More

Bob Crowley

Prior to, Survivor’ Crowley taught physics at Gorham High School in Gorham, Maine. At 57, he is the oldest winner in the history of Survivor, he also tied the record for winning the most consecutive challenges. Crowley is kn...Read More

Judson Birza

Judson Birza is a male model and a native of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, he graduated from Wentzville Holt High School in 2007. He is known for being the youngest ever, ‘Survivor’ winner, at the time he was 21....Read More

Tina Wesson

A personal nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, Wesson outlasted 15 other players to become the first woman to win the $1 million prize in ,’Survivor: The Australian Outback’. Her combination of “mental acumen, physi...Read More

Yul Kwon

Yul Kwon prior to, ’Survivor’ was a government official, lawyer, and management consultant based in Virginia. Kwon won,’Survivor: Cook Islands’ in 2006....Read More