Tommy Norden

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Tommy Norden played Bud Ricks, the hapless younger brother on the TV series Flipper (NBC, 1964-1968)

Where are they now?

Acted in a soap opera for a few years after Flipper. He now owns an executive recruiting company in New York City. In 2004 he participated in a media event at the Miami Seaquarium celebrating the 40th anniversary of the premiere of Flipper.


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  1. Diana Lawhorn says:

    Flipper was like a family pet to me as I watched the show as a child. Funny, I felt so bad for flipper whenever he (shock-she ) was hurt or in trouble. I had felt just the same way Bud felt for flipper. Such a great show, I have all the episodes on dvd.

  2. honky says:


  3. The best show there ever was says:

    They DO NOT make TV shows like they did when “Flipper” was made. Till this day it’s one of the most enjoyable shows to watch!!! Flipper is the greatest!!!

  4. me in person says:

    He molested me

  5. A Roberts says:

    I met Luke Halpin (Sandy), at 6 Gun Territory in the mid 60’s and still have an autographed picture.

  6. Paul Wisse says:

    I’m from Bergen op Zoom, Holland. I also have being raised up with Flipper, Sandy and Bud. Me and my older brother always played as if we were Sandy and Bud. I was the youngest, so I played bud. It was a great time and a great series. I would like to know if he is okay and how he is looking now. Thanks Tommy for the fun you give us in our youth!!! Paul

  7. Valerie Cooper says:

    I remember going to Six Gun Territory in Ocala, Florida one weekend and there I met “Bud”. We both were just young teenagers. We talked for a bit and then asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him. I was so excited and have been telling people about it for years. He was such a nice and sweet guy and I will never forget our lunch together. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me but I will never forget him. I know he probably doesn’t read this feed anymore either but…….Thank you again, Tommy. ??

  8. Chris collins says:

    Mr. Norden I really enjoyed that time with your wife playing the piano I spent so many years watching flipper I just got done watching an hour ago brings back so many memories really enjoyed that thank you God bless

  9. Glenn says:

    Wow some of these comments just show how pathetic you are. Thank god most have positive value added comments. The others need Mental Heath help.

  10. Shirley ducker is an asshole says:

    nice launch beautiful dolphin and nice chicks too

  11. mike hunt says:

    I Remember waxing my dolphin really fast while watching grown men naked.

  12. Mike S. says:

    I remember Tommy on the parallel bars from the Power Memorial gymnastics team

  13. Doug P, LR, AR says:

    Wish that we could have shows like that today. Remember watching Flipper while growing up and living in Pace, FL. in the 60’s.

  14. Flipper, I remember watching the weekly shows. Wou said: says:

    Doug P, LR, AR wish that we could have shows like that today. Remember watching Flipper while growing up and living in Pace, FL.

  15. Bob R., NJ says:

    Flipper is a legandary show! They don’t make good family shows like Flipper anymore!

  16. Flipper2 says:

    Why did he talk differently than his family members? He had that Yankee accent where his father and brother didn’t.

  17. flipper says:

    He used to suck my dolphin

  18. shirley ducker says:

    flipper really good show.. just what we need today.. nowdays if it dont have the token queers in it they give it the axe..

  19. Barb says:

    I enjoy farting!

  20. Lee L. says:

    Great TV series from many years ago I enjoyed as a kid. Now is being replayed each weekend (Saturdays) on Antenna TV

  21. Lee says:

    Great TV series… really enjoyed it as a kid!

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