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Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian was an Armenian-American attorney and businessman, most well-known for defending his friend OJ Simpson in his 1995 murder trial and of course, his marriage to Kris Kardashian (now Jenner). He is the father of Kou...Read More

Sieg Pedde

Sieg started his first business at the early age of 17, showing his proclivity for running things for himself. He continues today running several businesses including where I work.. Helix Courier Limited which he started in 1968....Read More

The founders

The co-founders of, the .com flameout that vapourized 130 Million of investor funds in record time, setting the tone for the tech wreck of 2000 and beyond…...Read More

Michael Milken

Knicknamed The Junk Bond King he worked at Drexal Burnham Lambert and helped fuel the mergers & acquisitions mania of the 1980s using high yield junk bonds. In 1989 he was indicted by a fedeal grand jury on insider trading an...Read More

The Rogue Trader

The man who single-handedly ruined England’s oldest bank, Barings, Nick Leeson made such an impession on the media that Ewan McGregor ended up playing him in the movie. In a nutshell, he made some bad derivatives trades whic...Read More

Kenneth Starr

In 1994 he took over as independent counsel heading the Whitewater Investigation, and for four years hence was often seen on the evening news heading a caravan of mini-vans loaded with lots of lawyers and documents. Depending on w...Read More

John Delorean

His company made the cars that were in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies, but he really came into the public eye when he was arrested on felony charges for conspiracy to traffic drugs. (He was accused of trying to make a...Read More