Yahoo Serious

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Yahoo Serious is best know for his weird hair and a movie called “Young Einstein”, lotsa hype, did the talk show circuit, the cover of Time magazine, and somewhere in a sea of quantum foam, the real Einstein rolled in his grave.

Where are they now?

He made two more movies nobody’s ever seen: Mr Accident and Reckless Kelly. He was awarded an honourary degree (Doctor of Letters) by University of Newcastle in 1996. He’s also had a trademark battle with internet portal Yahoo!. The latter was founded in 1994, Yahoo Serious registered his trademark with the Australian Trademark Office in 1980.

# Preview Product Price
1 Young Einstein Young Einstein $2.99
2 Reckless Kelly Reckless Kelly $8.99

3 responses to “Yahoo Serious”

  1. Avalon beach bum says:

    He lives in Avalon Beach Sydney Australia with his second wife and 11yo daughter. Still producing music for stage shows.

  2. Ann Rane says:

    Yep, that there is Phil Spector and one of his crazy wigs.

  3. Jude Starr says:

    I think you will find the picture you have used in the “where are they now” section is not Yahoo Serious, but actually Phil Spector, from his murder trial.

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