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His 1966 book critical of US involvement in and conduct of the war against Viet Nam, entitled THE NEW LEGIONS. He was a former Special Forces soldier who had spent 18 months in Viet Nam and quit a fast-track career in the Army ove...Read More

Amy Carter

Was the 9-year old daughter of then-president of the the United States Jimmy Carter in 1977. She lived under a media microscope, having a slumber party on the South Lawn of the Whitehouse and creating an international incident by ...Read More

Jim Garrison

Garrison was the monomaniacal New Orleans DA mythologized by Oliver Stone in his film JFK. Like much of the rest of that film, Kevin Costner’s characterization bears little resemblance to the actual truth. Garrison refused to le...Read More

Fawn Hall

She was Lt. Colonel Oliver North’s secretary in the mid 80’s and embroiled in the infamous Iran/Contra scandal. She smuggled secret documents out of North’s office, shredded others, and was later granted immunity...Read More

Billy Carter

Younger brother of former US president Jimmy Carter. A source of embarrassment during the Carter administration, losing a run for mayor of Plains, Georgia in ’76, launching the ill-fated Billy Beer brand in ’77 and cul...Read More

Rosa Parks

Some say the civil rights movement in the US started on December 1, 1955, the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person and was arrested and fined for her troubles. (The webmeister wonders out ...Read More

Michael Fay

He was the American teenager who was arrested for vandalism in Singapore in 1994 and sentenced to be caned 12 times. Then-president Bill Clinton asked for leniency or clemency and Fay’s sentence was reduced, however he still...Read More

Wang Wei Lin

The man who inspired the world by standing in front of a column of approaching tanks in Tiananmen Square during the massacre there in 1989...Read More

Manual Noriega

Panamanian general-turned-president. Good pal of Papa Bush when he ran the CIA, in fact they were such good friends the CIA paid Noriega $USD 100 thousand per year to be a “CIA Asset” in Panama. They were still good pa...Read More

Marisleysis Gonzalez

Dubbed Elian’s psycho cousin by our informant, casting herself as “Elian’s Surrogate Mother”, she remained in-camera and hysterical for the duration of the Elian Saga....Read More