Jim Garrison

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Garrison was the monomaniacal New Orleans DA mythologized by Oliver Stone in his film JFK. Like much of the rest of that film, Kevin Costner’s characterization bears little resemblance to the actual truth. Garrison refused to let facts get in the way of his prosecution of a New Orleans businessman in a very convoluted attempt to prove a conspiracy to assassinate Pres. Kennedy. Over the course of his investigation into the JFK murder, he linked the assassination to many outlandish theories, including one that listed it as it a homosexual thrill killing. Eventually, Garrison at one time or another linked not only the CIA, FBI and Fidel Castro to the killing, but NASA, NBC, ATT and even the President’s brother Robert.

Where are they now?

After losing his trial against Clay Shawand then facing a bribery trial of his own, Garrison eventually lost a re-election bid in 1972. In 1978 he was elected to the Louisiana Court of Appeals and then won re-election ten years later. Along the way Garrison wrote three books about the assassination. Recently released documents and files, and computer recreations of the assassination have lent even more credence to the single-gun theory so unfairly opposed by Garrison. Garrison died in 1992.

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  1. Not Telling You says:

    This page is total ******** . Remember 11-22-1963 for on that tragic day we lost a fine statesman , and champion for peace justice and the American way: John Fitzgerald Kennedy . As well as our country . Death to all traitors . Sic Sempur Teranis

  2. guest says:

    This webpage is a joke. CIA Misinformation.

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