Karen Valentine

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Karen Valentine best known as the petite, perky student-teacher Alice Johnson in the television series Room 222 which aired from 1966-71.

Where are they now?

Now 58, Karen Valentineis still acting in small theater productions. In 2003, she appeared in a theater production of “Steel Magnolias” and still does episodic TV roles and the occasional made-for-TV movie including a Hallmark TV movie, Wedding Daze, with John Larroquette. Born on May 25, 1947 in Sebastopol, Ca., Valentine represented California in the Miss Teenage America pageant where she got noticed by Ed Sullivan. After Room 222, Valentine starred as Gidget in the film “Gidget Grows Up.” She had her own short-lived sitcom “Karen” and was a regular on Hollywood Squares in the late 1970s.


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26 responses to “Karen Valentine”

  1. John Polley says:

    She sat behind me in High School and what a great time we had. She was always one of my favorite people, still is. I was a senior and she a Junior. We did a lot of laughing as I remember. I still have the Teen Magazine where she was on the cover. Sweet young lady for sure.

  2. Carl P says:

    I’m the c/o 78 at L.A.High were the show was filmed, looking at the old building before it burned down, brings back memories. plus Ms. Valentines was HOT looking back then,

  3. Richard Wyatt says:

    My mother thought the theme song sounded like someone snoring.

  4. Nikali Boldrini says:

    I was in Mr Debelos’ drama class with Karen in high school. She was very serious about school and in fact was voted most likely to succeed. I thought she was awfully cute but I was too shy to talk to her. I am glad she made the big time. Nikali Boldrin.

  5. Maureen Howland - Nov. 14, 2017 says:

    Karen is a beautiful woman. I just had the pleasure of watching her tonight on a rerun of Laugh-In. She was great and it was very obvious that she is very talented.

  6. JOEY G says:


  7. I worked on a made for TV Movie with her in 1976 says:

    I thought she was so cute and pretty so I made myself ask her out for dinner. She accepted. Oh, I was on my white horse when I asked her. She was in the dressing trailer. It was just a fun thing at my parents’ restaurant, we were craft services. She was just 15 years older than me..;-) I think about her every once in awhile and remember how sweet and bubbly she was.

  8. Alex Buder , M.D . October 16 2017 2:45 pm. says:

    I was flipping through the TV channels and came across Room 222 starring Karen Valentine a couple of weeks ago . She may remember a skinny looking , long hair New York cabbie asking her for her autograph while she was walking on Central Park West sometime in the early 70″s . I was standing by my yellow Checker cab by the Plaza Hotel waiting for a fare when I saw her walk by. I called out to her ” Hey you from Room 222 ” since I was too excited to remember her name . Anyway , she walked over to me with a big smile and gave me her autograph . That’s all I can remember since that happened about 45 yrs ago . I will never forget it .

  9. Steve Walker says:

    One of my first “crushes”! Still just as beautiful as ever…

  10. Paddy Sydes says:

    I always loved Karen Valentine. She was the absolute CUTEST and ADORABLE girl on TV back in those days. My crush on her exists to this day.
    Karen I LOVE YOU! Paddy.

  11. Back In The Day says:

    Rm 222, Aspire Network, as we speak there is a marathon… watching it, what a blast from the past!

  12. On tv says:

    Room 222 is on the Aspire cable network.

  13. loved her before I even knew love says:

    Everybody speaks of room 222.. Yes she was , in my opinion, the hottest, cutest and perky woman on tv BUT I especially loved seeing her in the many episodes of Love American Style where she was absolutely sexy as well

  14. Steve Uzzell: says:

    I met Karen one nite in L’express on Ventura Blvd. in 1985. We had a great time writing out the menu for that nite’s specials on the white board. A lovely, fun woman.

  15. She Was Always A Sweetheart says:

    I went to high school with Karen and her sister, Valerie. Karen was just as perky, funny and fun loving as she appeared to be in so many of her roles. Karen, wherever you are, I’ll never forget you. -Misty Garoutte-

  16. Can still see it says:

    I watch room 222 everyday on aspire channel 381 directv

  17. Linda mayshack says:

    I would like Room 222 Air again with all new cast. .

  18. Roger Feigenbaum says:

    She was the ultimate crush for every young man.

  19. Karen Valentine says:

    Karen Valentine was Miss Napa/Sonoma in the Miss Ametica California Pageant in June 1965! I know this for sure since I competed with her representing
    my city Downey as Miss Downey, Marilyn Granger.
    Miss Los Angeles County , Sandra Lynne
    Becker won the titled of Miss California. Karen Valentine did not place in the top five! She was noticed for talent as I remember for a comedy dance
    and song performance that was very good!

  20. I sure would like to see Room 222 again says:

    I sure would like to see Room 222 again

  21. Ms. Valentine on Rm. 222 was my first crush at 9 y says:

    @Fresco Johnwaban. Thought these comments sections was where FANS could say something nice about actors they like, Not a site for ASSHOLES to spout unnecessary putdowns.

  22. Fresco Johnwaban says:

    She made me puke!

  23. I'm probably Miss Valentine's all time biggest fan says:

    Karen just turned 69 on 5/25/16. The last time we met was outside of Baltimore about 4 years when she spent the weekend (w Michael Constantine) at an autograph convention. Her husband Gary Verna, Patty Duke, and Davy Jones (about a month before he passed) were also there. It was beyond a total privilage to sit w Karen for a couple of hours and catch up. She’s as lovely as you’d think she’d be. I’ve adored her since I was 9 years old, which is 46 years ago! We first met when she debuted on Brosdway in “Romantic Comedy” in 1980(?). Here’s hoping she’ll get more acting gigs real soon. -TRET Tierney, NYC

  24. Christine Harrington says:

    I love the music for the show

  25. Bradleigh H Horton says:

    You need to check your facts about Room 222 carefully. The show last from 1969 to 1974. Karen Valentine hosted a pageant show in 1966.

  26. Jim says:

    I have been madly in love with this woman since I first saw Room 222, (why isn’t that available online???).
    Karen if you are single, please call me. I would love to take you to dinner or anywhere you would like to go.

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