Ricky Segall

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As Ricky Stevens he played the kid next door in the final season of the Partridge Family.

Where are they now?

Now Reverend Richard Segall, he ministers I believe mostly in Canada but sometimes perhaps in this country. Segall is married and has at least 2 kids. Ricky has very short hair now and is hard to recognize.

Also Ricky was a surprise guest on Danny Bonaduce’s 1996 Partridge family reunion special.

He has also put out one musical album called A Time To Dance

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  1. to frown upon says:

    This message is not intended for publishing:

    Hi, I feel a tad bad about saying “Mr Segall seems very opinionated on subjective topics, the kind of person that would even rate Kaleidoscope images”

    I feel that way, but I do not feel it necessary to be on here till the end of the internet.So it would be nice if it could be deleted, in case of no replies.

    To try to prove im the author: see same given email address, and this is what I was forwarded to when I wrote comment:

    If this message is automatically published: ohhhh nooooooo

  2. to frown upon says:

    Mr Segall seems very opinionated on subjective topics, the kind of person that would even rate Kaleidoscope images

  3. to frown upon says:

    My sincere apologies to Mr. Segall, as it seems that only his younger sidekick, Mr. Miles, eats his naan with rice. In case I ever saw Mr. Miles eating a spaghetti dish with flakes on it, I would not presume them to be parmigiano reggiano, but rice.

  4. hi ricki just watched that eppisode here in toront says:

    call me if you like 4169641082 you were a cute kid wasn’t the girl that played your sister on my three sons thnx judy rash Toronto Canada to bad about david gone

  5. Sagar says:

    Weird, Nate?
    Weird because their channel is all about Indian movies, and you don’t relate, perhaps?

    It’s actually one of the most intelligent reaction channels I’ve seen, underneath the veneer of apparent stupidity

  6. Nate Kellog says:

    He does a weird youtube channel these days.

  7. Deepa says:

    Yup he is a you tuber along with korbin miles ,he is happy .our stupid reactions is the name of the channel

  8. Just curious says:

    He is actually hosting a youtube channel called our stupid reactions

  9. Vickie Smith says:

    Hi Ricky ??, loved you so much in the Partridge Family Show I still watch it every weekend just got though listening to you sing the Grandma song.
    You was such a cute kid loved ?? hearing you sing . Hope you’re doing good and still singing and happy. Good luck ?? to you and your family Thanks. Thanks for keeping us Intertained .

  10. Mary Ann Spaetti says:

    Rick, Brian Forster, former Brady boys Mike Lookinland and Robbie Rist ( cousin Oliver), have been touring in their pop rock band, Partbrades, since 2016. Rick is a lead singer in the group, Brian actually plays drums and guitar, Mike Lookinland is also a singer and plays guitar and Robbie Rist is the band’s bassist and also a well seasoned vocalist.

  11. Hello Rick says:

    Hello Rick I hope life is treating you well thanks for the sweet memories! >>>><<<<

  12. Ricky segal says:

    I don’t know about the ministering, but it looks like he has been doing theater since he was 12. He also directs.

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