Heather Thomas

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Thomas started acting at age 14, when she was one of the hosts of a series on NBC called ‘Talking with a Giant’, where she interviewed celebrities.

She is best known for the part of ‘Jody Banks’ from the television series ‘The Fall Guy’.

Where are they now?

Heather continued to act after ‘The Fall Guy’ ended in 1986, but she quit acting in 1998.

She married Harry ‘Skip’ Brittenham in October 1992 and has 1 daughter India Rose and 2 stepdaughters, Kristina and Shauna

She has stayed busy writing screenplays and being active in politics.

In April 2008, she released her first novel, ‘Trophies’ and her schedule has been packed. She’s getting ready to tour to promote the novel.


8 responses to “Heather Thomas”

  1. Dear Heather says:

    Dear Heather, thank you from the bottom of my heart for running around in that skimpy bikini when this young man turned 14. So many rashes, so little baby oil.

  2. i want to bone you says:

    cmon baby you know you want it

  3. Thomas Barrows says:

    happy late birthday Heather i loved you on the fall guiy

  4. Repo33 says:

    Happy Late Birthday Heather. I’ve been a fan since waaaaay back. But I just watched Zapped for the millionth time and, yes… I STILL have the pink bikini hot tub poster from the 80s in my man cave. The wife hates it. She says “you know real women dont look like that right?” I just say yes dear. But Im thinking “uh… yeah… some do!!” LOL! Keep Rockin Babe.

  5. Happy birthday Heather! says:

    Happy birthday Heather!

  6. Heather, You still look amazing then and now. says:

    Do you have any tips for looking so good? I grew up watching you on Fall Guy, you’re the only reason I ever watched. I had your pictures taped inside my history books. So beautiful, I use to have a hard time looking at you. Anyway, thank you for being you. Gary.

  7. Pointer Heather, I wanted to appreciate you for a comment says:

    You said that when you got bubble bath with the ‘use one capful under the faucet ‘ instruction, one capful was never going to be enough. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time, but it came to mind during a recent conversation. I remembered that that simple comment put me wise when I was trying to raise my sons successfully (mission accomplished!). I knew this would be part of my personality I wanted to avoid to do the best parenting job I could. It was a simple comment, but it was like a parable to me.

    Thanks, girl!



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