The ‘Other Guys’ Category

Joanne Shirley

This is just me. What ever happened to me? Does anyone wonder? Born in Terence Bay Nova Scotia, moved to Windsor...Read More

Stephen Fry

I got my introduction to him via the Jeeves and Wooster series where he played Jeeves, the archetypical butler and model of efficiency to Hugh Laurie’s”Bertie Wooster”. But even before that, the duo had a comedy ...Read More

Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas was Don Johnson/Sonny Crocket’s partner in Miami Vice, which let’s face it, was The 80’s the eyes of Michael Mann, anyway...Read More

Larry Wilcox

The “other guy” in C.H.I.P.S whose name no-one can recall (It was Jon Baker). Was Erik Estrada’s partner in the late 70’s tv show C.H.I.P.S …and er thats about it!...Read More

Duff McKagan

Bass player for Guns N Roses. Married and divorced twice during the GNR days, one of which was Playboy playmate Linda Johnson. He was a big Sid Vicious fan although he fared better than his idol (he survived)....Read More

Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin is the quiet guy in the background of Guns N Roses, the rhythm guitar player. Apparently his bandmates used to call him “Mr. Invisible”. He knew trouble when he saw it and left the band in mid-tour in 199...Read More

Steven Adler

Original Guns N Roses drummer who was fired in early 1990 (the first to go from the orignal GNR line-up). He was relaced by ex-Cult drummer Matt Sorum....Read More

John Rutsey

Original drummer for the Canadian power trio Rush, played on the self-titled debut album in 1974....Read More

Stu Sutcliffe

John Lennon’s roomate which led to him becoming the original Beatles bassist. He apparently even coined the band’s name as a take-off on Buddy Holly’s Crickets....Read More

Pete Best

Original drummer for The Beatles. After they returned from Hamburg in 1962, manager Brian Epstein fired him, claiming the rest of the band didn’t want him in the band anymore....Read More