Philip Michael Thomas

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Philip Michael Thomas was Don Johnson/Sonny Crocket’s partner in Miami Vice, which let’s face it, was The 80’s the eyes of Michael Mann, anyway

Where are they now?

Total obscurity after Miami Vice ended in 1989, appearing in total tripe, thereafter. However, was one of the first few to “embrace” the psychic tv phenomena (he advertised for a company back in the late 80’s to early 90’s), and only recently got paid for the commercials (rumoured to be a payout in the region of 12 million dollars) Like Don Johnson, he also tried his hand at singing, but was rubbish (can anyone even remember the name of his album?). However, he has 5 different daughters from 3 different “girlfriends” , so that should keep him er occupied for a while. And like most other faded and jaded heroes, he has also ended up doing voiceovers for a few PC games too… There’s life in the ol’ double breasted suit yet, eh?



19 responses to “Philip Michael Thomas”

  1. Sandra Kelly Willcot says:

    I loved Phillip in M.Vice. He was one of my school friend also went to his Father”s church in D. H. And I knew He was going to be somebody! Love you and pray for you away’s. Sandra Kelly Willcot

  2. Michael L. Williams says:

    Heard Don Johnson is all about bringing a new Miami Vice show back! Even having Philip back as well. He mentioned on a talk show. Lets hope it materializes’ Loved the show and original cast!!

  3. mr Langston says:

    I’m the only person who is in millennia elementary school

  4. victor vance says:

    He is my homie

  5. Leon Scott Kennedy says:

    Why he sings the song just the way I planned it

  6. Alexander says:

    Philip Michael Thomas looks like rico tubbs

  7. Phillip Michael Thomas is a singer and actor says:

    Philip Michael Thomas has the same as lance vance

  8. Weiser says:

    The Miami Vice movie with what’s his face and that other guy just wasn’t the same.

  9. Bob Valenti says:

    They ever bring back Miami Vice with Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas ,would be the biggest series since the Sopranos.

  10. Vice Forever says:

    Do your research so-called columnist —– it was
    12 daughters with 5 women, one Dhaima who washed
    Up dead in a suspicious Miami Beach drowning,
    Another Sheila Dewindt, an actress from Battle Star
    Galactica who sued his *** and made him foreclose
    On his house, some white broad from SF, and a reaggae singer
    Chick with a great rack.

  11. jalilmalik says:

    What wonderful man ,I wish the absolute best. Love you and your family. May God bless you for the rest of your time on this earth.

  12. Deidre says:

    hope he and his Don Johnson return soon. we love them. To Phillip
    come on-let us see you again. You and Don still has it.

  13. Alesia Butle says:

    I love Phillip Michael Thomas. I thought he was a superb actor and great singer. Its unfortunate that media will slice you up any way that they like, but he doesn’t have to be a certain way to fit in. He knew what he wanted and he went after it however necessary. I thought he and Irene Cara had wonderful chemistry together. I love this movie, even today. He was a great actor. I would have loved to have seen more of him on the screen. Don’t hate. To Phillip Michael Thomas, move on and do what you came on this earth to do and thats to be a star in your own right (August, 2014

  14. SH says:

    Saw him once on the mid-80s? or 90’s Family Channel tv series Zorro where he played the grandson of Crispus Attucks, the first black man to die in the Revolutionary War. He did okay in it.

  15. Mary Donlon says:

    please try to bring the series back, updated of course, with the original cast, especially Jan Hammer. Love the show and still watch all the reruns. Will they ever show the 1990 episodes that were not aired. I know there should be at least 3 episodes

  16. Selecia Tyson says:

    I love Miami Vice and I would like to see the return of Miami Vice with the original cast. I watch the reruns all the time.

  17. myra nesby says:

    i am currently looking at reruns of miami vice . i just saw the remake of “sparkle ” i own the original. what a talented and good looking actor. it is a shame that he is not working on a tv show or movies. the last time i saw him was on “nash bridges” . i like him and don johnson. a fan of miami vice and nash bridges. someone please give him a job . it is a waste. i own a dvd of the original copy. he and irene cara had a good chemistry. thank you for posing this article.

  18. B.T. says:

    The song he’s singing is’nt much, but listening to the voice, he has a pretty good one. His personal life is his own business. As for his singing, he has a pleasant voice & carries it well. The problem is the song he’s singing “Just the way I planned it”,below average song.

  19. skater729 says:

    Saw him August 27, 2009 with a woman and older gentleman. I over heard them talking about his play “Sacha”. Something about a good mother and young girls dreams. Look for it on Broadway next year? Phillip looks as good as he did on Miami Vice. “some are lucky not to age”

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