Dawn Lyn

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Dawn Lyn is best known for her role as Dodie Harper Douglas on My Three Sons.

Where are they now?

Dawn does oldies shows, lives in California where she used to own a boutique. She who is only 4ft 11 was once married to a very tall guy, is said to like motorcycles . Dawn is also the sister of actor Leif Garrett.


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  1. Dawn says:

    I love watching you on MTS. As a young girl named Dawn there were not many of us. I was happy to know a star with my name. Love to hear you are doing well. Hope your brother has faced his demons. Hugs

  2. The REAL Dawn Lyn says:

    Dear J; thank you for the birthday wishes and very kind words. I also wish you a blessed life.

    Dear Rebecca; Cheers and happy belated birthday to you too! I am happy to say that Leif and I have been talking more recently, and things are going well.

  3. Rebecca Engkish says:

    Dear Dawn. Happy belated birthday. I was wondering if you ever were able to mend your relationship with your brother. I loved watching you on MTS’s and other programs and films. You are 356 days older than I am. I always remembered your bday because it’s so close to mine. Cheers fellow Capricorn. Take care. Rebecca E. from Southern California.

  4. J says:

    Happy birthday (late).
    Your acting on my three sons never fails to make me smile… I hope u have as much joy in your life as you have brought me..
    Thank you for your work and have a blessed life.

  5. weht says:

    To Liam; Thank you for the kind words, and I am sending another big smile your way.

    To Becky; I had a great time filming Shootout. Tell your husband I said “thank you” for his kind words.

    To thanks everyone; Thank you for the good wishes. I agree that Leif is awesome, my brother is a good and sensitive person. Maybe a little too sensitive for some of the negative things that he experienced.

    To Nancy; Thank you. I wish you nothing but the best.

    To Sherry; Thank you. Yes, I did know he was a big star. I only saw him once after we filmed Shootout, and I am happy to say he was as wonderful as I remembered.

    To Monica; Thank you for the good wishes. I am very happy to report that the news of my passing was greatly exaggerated. LOL

    To Gina; Thank you. You never know what the future holds, I just might pop up when you least expect it.

  6. Gina Capri says:

    I loved Dawn in all the movies she was in that I have seen. But my favorite movies were the Walking Tall movies. She and her brother Leif were great actors. Very natural. Dawn is a beautiful girl and wish she was still acting.

  7. Monica Anderson says:

    I had heard a rumor that she had died so I am very happy to hear that she is very much alive. I was a fan of her brothers as well and always watched anything there were on. I wish her well!!!

  8. Sherry in Carl junction, mo says:

    Just watched shoot out. You were adorable. Glad you have a good life. So many child stars are taken advantage of, turn into druggies, or drop out of life. You and Ron Howard did well. When you were with Gregory Peck did you realize what a star he was? Did you keep in contact?

  9. Nancy Marzulli says:

    LOVED you in walking tall and my three sons! Always a fan of yours!!

  10. Thanks everyone for keeping up with where Dawn Lyn says:

    @Becky, yes, I just saw her as Decky in Shoot Out too and I knew I had seen her before. I was thinking in Disney movies from way back when, but I see that I must remember her from My Three Sons as well as The Walking Tall. I am glad to hear she is doing well and enjoying her life. I was also surprised to hear she is Leif Garrett’s sister, since I too always thought he was awesome. It is a shame that he allowed himself to get so low as to end up on TruTv episodes. It is sad to see them choosing to get all drugged up and destroy their lives, Such a waste.

  11. The REAL Dawn says:

    Thank you all for the kind words about Shootout. It was a highlight for me to work with Gregory Peck. I am very happy to say that he was a wonderful person.

    To More Cowbell: I am in touch with my brother, and he recently told me that he has written his autobiography.

  12. More Cowbelle says:

    Hi,The Real Dawn,
    I was wondering if you have much contact with your brother? He seemed to go a different direction than you, unfortunately.

  13. JPenn says:

    Just saw you Dawn, In The Shootout- Great movie with Great Actors- So glad to hear that you are doing well, Dawn !!@

  14. Liam Collopy says:

    Dawn is an extremely talented and gifted actress. I remember when she filmed an episode of the television series The Streets of San Francisco (“Castle of Fear”) right near my home in Burlingame, CA. She gave me a big smile when she was being led to the set and I almost melted. I still have the picture. Dawn, we loved you then and we love you now. Keep being a great inspiration to so many and wishing you much continued happiness. Liam

  15. Just watched her in shootout, she was a very good says:

    Just watched her in shootout, she was a very good little actress, loved it

  16. The REAL Dawn says:

    To AndyMarie, Claudia, Greensboro, Bob Pilc, Jo Fiery, and Melissa,

    Thank you all so very much for the kind words, I wish all of you the best.


    I heard about, but have not seen, that episode of Diagnosis Murder. No, that was not me, I was never contacted to reprise that role. I am disappointed because I would have enjoyed that very much. Best to you.

  17. Lynn says:

    Just saw an episode of Diagnosis Murder which was a Part II of the Mannix Episode of 1973, LIttle Girl Lost…..all the same actors…Just wondering if the Girl is Dawn-Lyn….Episode called Hard-Boiled Murder 2/13/97

  18. Melissa says:

    I Have always enjoyed watching you act. My husband just recommended that I see The Shoot Out. …and I’m glad I watched it!. You and Mr Peck made a great pair. Thanks for entertaining us.They broke the mold when you were born. thanks again.Good Bless

  19. Jo Firey says:

    Watching (more like listening to) Shootout and recognized you just by your voice!
    Had to grab the remote to check what my husband was watching. I dont remember Shootout but I certainly remember you.

  20. Bob Pilc says:

    Just watched shootout. Well done!

  21. Greensboro says:

    She was a beautiful little girl, a very talented child actress and a beautiful woman. I loved watching her in movies as a child. Fred; you’re a dumbass! You never played in anything an I bet you could barely wipe your **** at age 5!

  22. Claudia says:

    Just watched Dawn Lyn in a Mannix episode from 1973 called “Little Girl Lost”. She played the title character, a child who witnessed her father’s murder. (Beverly Garland, who played Dawn/ Dodie’s TV mom on My Three Sons, was also in this Mannix.) What a talented young actress … Glad to hear she’s doing well.

  23. AndyMarie says:

    My husband is watching the movie you shot in 1971 with Gregory Peck and I said, “That’s ‘darling’ Dawn Lyn from ‘My Three Sons’!” My husband was amazed that I even knew your name because it wasn’t sourced in the Xfinity “cast info” even though your part was very prominent. Such a marvelous actress for being so young and I’m so glad that you’re healthy and happy at “our” age! Best wishes to you in the future 🙂

  24. The REAL Dawn, aka Dodie says:

    Hello Everyone,

    YES, this is the real Dawn that was Dodie in My Three Sons.

    This site/chat was brought to my attention, and curiosity got the better of me so I started reading.

    Ok, here goes.

    To Fred: LOL. I love you too, Sweetie.

    To Dawn H: Seriously? You were named after me? How flattering. Big hugs to you.

    To Sweet Pea: I don’t know you either, *****, but we have something in common. One of my mom’s nicknames for me was Sweet Pea.

    To Lisa R: ROFL Now, now, this is a PG rated site.

    To Debbie Rose: Huge hugs to you and Doc, we miss you two! Thank you for the kind words.

    To Scotty: Wow. Sup? I don’t have a school photo, can you post one? Maui? We were on Oahu. Aloha!

    To Tom: Trailer park? You personally saw me at a 7-11 trying to get quarters for beer? PRICELESS! I LOVE your imagination.

    To Annie: I deeply appreciate the kind words. I have never thought of myself as special because I grew up acting. We are all unique, literally one of a kind, so please consider yourself a princess too.

    To everyone else that commented: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being positive and sending good wishes. I wish all of you health, happiness, and love.

  25. CD says:

    Dawn is doing fine. She’s not collecting quarters for beer like Tom said. She’s happy with her husband, living in Stuttgart Germany for years now.

  26. Robert Jones says:

    Like many of you,wondered what happened to her. I seen her on My Three Sons this morning and became curious. Glad she is doing well.

  27. Like many of you,wondered what happened to her.see says:

    Like many of you, wondered what happened to her. I seen her on my three sons this morning and was curious. Glad she is doing well.

  28. Betty9773 says:

    Dawn Lyn is not Ugly, I don’t know why,some of you guys on here think,she’s a Ugly Girl. I think, she is very Cute,Adorable!!! Also, i think,she’s a very good Actress! She very talented Actress! She played excellent as “Dwana Pusser Buford Pusser’s Daughter in all three parts of the Movie,The Walking Tall! I love all three parts of The Walking Tall!!!! It’s a true Story about Sheriff Buford Pusser,it’s a very sad Movie?? but, all three part are excellent!!! I cry, when, i watch. The Walking Tall because, Buford’s Wife gets killed in part 1 and Buford gets killed in a Car Accident in the finale of The Walking Tall part 3.So sad?? But, it’s one of the best Movies ever made! Dawn Lyn was very in Emergency Adam 12!

  29. Steve S. says:

    I was surprised by the scene in Shootout, when Gregory peck gave Dawn a bath in the river because she smelled. I think the movie would have benefitted from better writing. The acting was great. Didn’t watch My 3 Sons very much, so I don’t recall her in it. Good luck to her, wherever she goes.
    Tom and Fred and Sweet Pea must be deranged. Just can’t stand anything good.

  30. Annie says:

    I always thought of Dawn Lyn as Royalty. America’s Princess.

  31. tom says:

    she is living in a trailer park now and i saw her hanging out at 7-11 trying to get quarters for beer. sad.

  32. Stacia McNeese says:

    I never saw an actor so young, who could deliver lengthy speeches/lines like she did – rivaled only by Opie Taylor.

  33. weht says:

    Hey its 4:43 pm here on Maui? 10/11/16 ???


    Hi Dawn you were my first girlfriend in first grade Carpenter Avenue Elementary School in Studio city Ca. look at your school photos Miss. Atlas teacher.
    Been wondering about you for 45+ years now?

  35. Linda says:

    What a cutely precocious kid this lady was! A genuinely fine actress at such a young and tender age. As far as I’m concerned, she stole the show in the 1971 film titled “Shoot Out” starring Gregory Peck (so appealing as a suddenly displaced orphan, making you want to pick her up and comfort her). She was absolutely adorable in her portrayal of “Dodie” on long-running hit TV series “My Three Sons,” wishing she had played more roles as a child film star. I’m glad to know she’s now enjoying a happy, settled life.

  36. Diana Lynn April 12,2016 says:

    Watching Shootout now with Gregory Peck and Dawn Lyn Such an adorable child actress

  37. Seems we all are watching "Shoot Out" with Gregory says:

    Just watched her on Shoot Out also … great movie and performance!

  38. Alan says:

    Just watched her in Shootout with Gregory Peck, a warming western

  39. Debbie Rose Carlisle says:

    Dawn lives in Hawaii and is one of the most beautiful hearted ladies I have ever met. I lovingly remember growing up with My Three Sons and the Douglas Family and Fred McMurray marrying that beautiful lady with the adorable freckled face daugther. Thank you Dawn for such great memories. You are a true treasure.

  40. Denny M says:

    I think she was adorable as a child actress and very cute as an adult.
    Whether she was good as an actress is a subjective matter of opinion.
    Personally I like her very much and wish happiness and contentment in
    her life.

  41. I was called Dody much to my dismay in grade school says:

    Oh Cat T. Astoria, Oregon

  42. Lisa r says:

    I would totalley blow big brother Robbie


  43. Erin says:

    Just saw her on an episode of Emergency! on MeTV. She played an angry paraplegic child. She was pretty good. Too bad she gave up acting. And at 15 years old no less. Where exactly is she living now? She was in Hawaii and then Germany. Is she back in Ca?

  44. d says:

    I loved you Dawn in my three sons. you were so adorable. Glad to hear your still alive.

  45. Debbi says:

    Sweetpea, if you do not know her, why bother commenting? Especially just to call her a vulgar nae!! You are petty pathetic and must be so unhappy with yourself.

  46. Crystal B. says:

    I recently saw her on an episode of Adam12. I stared & stared cuz I knew she looked familiar. I thought, “is that Dodie?just a little bigger’, so I waited for the credits and surenough it was! which is what prompted me to google her. So glad for the update!

  47. vB says:

    Dawn R, she was on a Chicago morning show on Waikiki Beach and filmed a “Watch me, on MeTV” commercial for the MeTV Hawaii channel. Also, her blog has a recent story about what she likes most and least about living in HI (the B-52 cockroaches are what she likes least).

  48. Dawn R says:

    Thought she lived in Hawaii. Hope she’s happy. Does anyone know who she’s married to, or has kids? The truth!

  49. Jk says:

    Tina I saw the same episode and wondered where do I know her from?? Too bad we can’t watch tv together. Lol.

  50. tina says:

    Recently saw her on an old episode of Adam-12. She was very cute. Knew I recognized her from somewhere, but I had forgotten about my 3 sons. Glad to know she is alive and well.

  51. Jim says:

    Bless her heart and so many good things said about her and her picture is darling.
    The very best to her.

  52. Sweet pea says:

    Who the hell is she anyway. Don’t know the *****

  53. Dawn H says:

    I was named after her in 1970 so she’s special to me.

  54. L. Lynn R. says:

    As a freckled face child myself, growing up in the ’60s, I loved watching Dawn on all of the great tv shows from my childhood. Glad to know she has a great life away from Hollywood. Wow, never knew she is Leif Garrett’s sister! A big fan of his too!

  55. Patricia from Ct. says:

    I LOVE HER. At such a young age, she was very talented. I wish her well.

  56. John says:

    Dawn must have been easy to work with. I’ve seen her a number of times on different shows. Also, she was quite good as an actress.

  57. Gemma says:

    Fred, *******!

  58. Fred says:

    Who wants to see her , she was an ugly girl with no talent,why they cast her is beyond me

  59. Elvis tribute artists says:

    This is called the shift of time. Dawn who was once a child actor is now like any other individual with a simple life.

  60. Automatic self-cleaning water filters says:

    It is so true that some faces totally disappear from the showbiz world. It was good to learn about Lyn who is leading a comfortable and happy life with her husband.

  61. Joyce says:

    Lyn currently resides in Germany on a five-year mission with her second husband, a former soldier now a civilian with the Department of the Army

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