Miss Vicky

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Victoria Budinger (Miss Vicky) was the 17-year-old Haddonfield,NJ girl who wed Tiny Tim on the Tonight Show in Dec 1969. Although married only a few years she bore Tiny Tim’s only child Tulip Victoria and enjoyed a brief stint in the 1970s as a go-go dancer and did a nude centerfold for Oui magazine!

Where are they now?

Still pretty and slim in her early 50s Vicky lives quietly in New Jersey where she has worked variously as a luggage-store manager,a New-Age emporium proprietor and most recently a furniture sales lady! She categorically refuses interviews and opportunities to exploit her years with Tiny Tim.

Update March/04: From webmaster: I happened across an article referring to Miss Vicky and that her real name was Victoria Lombardi. She was on the periphery of some murder case in New Jersey, where she was a close friend of (dating?) a rabbi Fred Neulander who apparently murdered his wife.


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4 responses to “Miss Vicky”

  1. Eric Umstead says:

    This is in response to the March/04 update from Webmaster. You say you ran across an article referring to Miss Vicki saying that her real name is Victoria Lombardi. She is a distant relative of mine through my mother’s side of the family, (my great great grandmother was a Budinger), and we found this out through my grandmother’s local newspaper when Tiny Tim & Vicki got married. I have never met her but the last time I heard, (through the Internet), she was living in New Jersey.

  2. Eloise Ockert says:

    Whatever happened to Ms. Vicky’s daughter: Victoria Tulip She should be 48 now…looks like both mother and daughter just va ished into thin air…

  3. ._
    .-Tringing toget ahold of miss Vicki Regarding mysister Debbie Trimmer
    Please Lether know I have been searching for her l-XXXXXXXXXXX T.J..

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