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Billy Squier

He is an American rock singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist. His best known songs include “Lonely is the Night”, “The Stroke”, and “My Kinda Lover”....Read More

M.C. Hammer

“U can’t touch this”, and few could. The song topped charts in 1990 and earned an estimated $30 million. At the top of the ride Hammer had a $12 million dollar mansion in Fremont, CA, 17 luxury cars and a staff o...Read More

The Runaways

A reader asks “The band that produced Joan Jett, but what about the others?”...Read More

Ruben Studdard

Studdard rose to fame after winning the third season of American Idol, just narrowly beating out his competitor Clay Aiken...Read More

Jennifer Warnes

Regular on the Smothers Brothers tv show, and pop/country singer, “Right Time of Night” “I Know a Heartache when I see One”: duet singer with Joe Cocker for Grammy “Up Where We Belong, and Bill Medley...Read More

Def Leppard

The 1980’s popular rock band consisted of Joe Elliot (vocal), Rick Savage (bass), Phil Collen (guitar), Vivian Campbell (guitar), and Rick Allen (drums). They were best known for the songs Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Love Bit...Read More

The Doodlebops

Claim to fame: The Doodlebops is a Canadian television series. Rock & Bop with The Doodlebops (Disney Records USA) was released in 2004 and continues to top the children’s charts in North America . Its 2004-2007 TV broa...Read More

Crucial Conflict

Claim to fame: Crucial Conflict is a Chicago hip hop group best known for its 1996 single Hay (from the album The Final Tic) and Scummy (from the album Good Side Bad Side). The members of Crucial Conflict were originally Wildstyle...Read More

Will Ray

Will Ray, Born 1950 in Richmond Virginia USA, is an American session guitarist. In the early 1990’s he founded the band Hellecasters with John Jorgenson and Jerry Donahue....Read More

John Jorgenson

Born in 1956 in Madison Wisconsin, John Jorgenson has been playing professionally since the age of fourteen. He is a member of the Hellecasters. In 1994 he was invited to join Elton John for an 18 month tourand remained with them ...Read More