Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict

Real Name:
A.k.a: Crucial Conflict
Submitted by: Joanne
Posted Date: 2014-11-13
Last Modified: 2020-01-17

Claim to fame: Crucial Conflict is a Chicago hip hop group best known for its 1996 single Hay (from the album The Final Tic) and Scummy (from the album Good Side Bad Side). The members of Crucial Conflict were originally Wildstyle Kilo T & Lil Shawty The later more popular lineup is Wildstyle Kilo Coldhard and Never. They frequently collaborate with fellow Chicago rappers Do or Die and Twista. They recently finished their album Planet Crucon with their newest single Barn Fire.

What happened to: Crucial Conflict

Where are they now? Sorry, we don’t seem to know where they are now, however we are working our tails off trying to track down this information. In the mean time, please use the Comments section below to provide our readers with any additional information or updates you may have.


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Crucial Conflict