M.C. Hammer

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“U can’t touch this”, and few could. The song topped charts in 1990 and earned an estimated $30 million. At the top of the ride Hammer had a $12 million dollar mansion in Fremont, CA, 17 luxury cars and a staff of 250.

Where are they now?

“Hammer time” was over by 1996, when $13.7 million in the red, he declared bankruptcy. After breaking his leg in 1996 and the murder of friend Tupac Shakur, Hammer experienced somewhat of an epiphany and went back to being “a man of God” (Hammer grew up in a religious envronment and was no stranger to spiritual endevours). Hammer is now an evangilist, his shows now consist of prayer, preaching and gospel singing. He lives in a four-bedroom home in Northern California with his wife and 4 children.

Update: March/04:

Reader HiRoll3r reports to us “Just an update. I was invited to a party in the SF Bay Area a few weeks ago. Turns out it was a party for the release of his new album and video(perhaps single) Full Blast. So it looks like Hammer’s getting out of the preaching game and back into music. Til his backers figure out that this will not be a lucrative venture.

Update Feb 26/06:

Hammer starts a webblog Look Look Look, see references.

9 responses to “M.C. Hammer”

  1. via Techcrunch says:

    Techcrunch’s Mike Arrington is an investor in MC Hammer’s DanceJam, which is currently in limited beta stealth mode.

  2. says:

    He was in Cairo. Egypt, himand his band . every one liked ana enjoyed him. He wAS the guests of Prince Turki bin Abdul Al saud, We have lots of photos. I simply adore him and his crew, especialy one he called sleepy. Lots of luck to him in future,,,,,,,

  3. i ment mc hammer when i was a kid i got hes outogr says:


  4. rick says:

    I ran into hammer at Nations Burgers in Tracy, CA. He was in line behind me. I almost blew his cover calling my wife and pointing. She said from the side she thought he was Ricky Henderson. He was just at the Gym and getting some take out. He is a very nice and personable guy. I wish I had gotten a picture.

  5. Sloane says:

    Saw Hammer last night at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville, TN. He was awesome. He still has moves but lets his back up dancers do most of the moves now while he raps. He is very personal with his fans. He is a gentleman. He let whoever wanted to come up on stage and hang with him for the last 3 songs. I’ve never seen that before. He was rapping and we were all gathered around him! It was the coolest thing and what class this man has! I was dancing and one of his background dancers said I was really good and needed to go up to the front and dance with Hammer. I tried but it was too crowded to actually dance. So I went to the back of the stage and continued to break it down! I high fived Hammer a couple of times but it was cool to kind of hang with the background dancers too!! I loved every minute of it and my son got it on video with my phone from the stands! Lot’s of love to ya’ Hammer! Like I said, a class act……..a true class act!!!

  6. Jimmy Eagles says:

    I seen MC Hammer last night at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Free concert. I had seats in front of the stage. Great show. MC was very personal with his fans 7/31/2010

  7. hen says:

    love what u said at ellen show… peace man …

    from philippines

  8. unknown says:

    We were at the Kalahari Waterpark Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI with our family of 5. While waiting to get on the go karts in the amusement park area, we were told we had to wait b/c a VIP needed to ride. It turned out to be MC Hammer and his dance crew. Apparently there was a private concert that night in the upstairs area.

    Had to come home and google MC Hammer to show our 3 children who he was and why he would apparently still deserve special treatment to make them wait wait for their go karts!

  9. unknown says:

    Nice backgrounder on MC Hammer’s activities the last few years via Techcrunch:

    “Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Hammer released the patriotic album Active Duty on his own WorldHit label and donated portions of the proceeds to 9/11 charities. MC Hammer has a television show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Hammer is an advisor to stealth Internet start-up Dance Jam.”

    Above excerpt from his bio for the Techcrunch Conference panel he’ll be on.

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