The ‘Other Guys’ Category

The guy from Eurythmics

He was Annie Lennox’s partner in the Eurythmics (who were the 80’s answer to The Captain & Tennille)...Read More

John Paul Jones

After racking up credits with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Yardbirds, and the Everly Brothers he co-founded Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page in 1968....Read More

Michael Anthony

Was the bass player for Van Halen, one of the best in the business....Read More

The ‘other guy’ from Wham!

Depends on who you ask. He was George Michael’s “sidekick”, “partner”, “boy toy”, whatever. Towards the end of Wham! I heard his guitar wasn’t even plugged in. Who knows....Read More

The bass player from Nirvana

We all know what happened to Kurt Cobain, and after a brief stint as drummer for Tom Petty, Dave Grohl went on to found the Foo Fighters (as the vocalist/guitarist), but what about the bass player? What ever happened to that guy?...Read More

Steve Jones

Steve Jones was the guitar player of the Sex Pistols. He and drummer Paul Cook resided in the shadows of Sid and Johnny. They were “the other guys” in Sex Pistols....Read More