Duff McKagan

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Bass player for Guns N Roses. Married and divorced twice during the GNR days, one of which was Playboy playmate Linda Johnson. He was a big Sid Vicious fan although he fared better than his idol (he survived).

Where are they now?

Like everybody else in the band, he was alcoholic and drug addicted by the time it all ended in 1994. He got sober after emergency surgery on his pancreas left him little choice. He did some acting, played a vampire in the series Sliders, formed Neurotic Outsiders with ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones. He married a third time to Susan Holmes and they have two children. In between solo gigs after GNR he also earned a college degree in finance. Most recently he has surfaced in Velvet Revolver with Slash and ex-Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weilland

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  1. mahituna says:

    he never had an operation, love the web. they didn’t have to operate he was released but was told if he continued to drink it would kill him, he quit

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