Stephen Fry

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I got my introduction to him via the Jeeves and Wooster series where he played Jeeves, the archetypical butler and model of efficiency to Hugh Laurie’s”Bertie Wooster”. But even before that, the duo had a comedy variety series for 4 seasons on the BBC called Fry and Laurie

Where are they now?

Apologies to readers in the U.K. and overseas, where Mr. Fry is probably not in the ‘Where Are They Now’ file. To us North American types, we all know Hugh Laurie as House, the medical-thriller based series, (even if we don’t watch the show) but we don’t see so much of Mr Fry. He showed up in the V for Vendetta movie, and your toddlers probably know his voiceover work such as the narrator for Pocoyo. But he is very much busy and active and pretty hip to the online genre, where he is actively blogging and twittering (tweeting?). Check the website for his numerous projects. Still very prolific (and funny).

3 responses to “Stephen Fry”

  1. unknown says:

    He also did voice work for the playstation 3 game’s Little Big Planet’s 1 and 2

  2. sid says:

    Stephen Fry is probably one of the most famous people in the UK I reckon – I’m pretty sure he has the highest Twitter following of any UK celeb. He Does QI, various radio appearances, TV appearances, has been in a few series since Blackadder. Practically an institution over here he is.

  3. Terinator says:

    Indeed, Stephen would not have a place in any UK-based WEHT file, as he is much more well known on this island than his old partner, Hugh.
    He is active in adverts and has a regular “game show” called QI.

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