Steven Adler

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Original Guns N Roses drummer who was fired in early 1990 (the first to go from the orignal GNR line-up). He was relaced by ex-Cult drummer Matt Sorum.

Where are they now?

Like everybody else in the group, he was already addicted to hard drugs by the time he was out of the band. His downward progression intensified after his unceremonious departure from the group. Eventually he had a heart attack and a couple of strokes because of it. He sued the band, by some accounts for “wrongful termination”, by others for “getting him hooked on drugs”. He was also in and out of prison multiple times for drug offences and assaulting women. He was reportedly writing a tell-all book about his ordeal but nothing seems to have materialized at the time of writing. His official website was down when last checked.

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  1. mommabear says:

    Steven Adler is on television. I have been following him, and several other celebrities on a show entitled, “Celebrity Rehab” He is at a facility in California.

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