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Mikhail Gorbachev

The last leader of the Soviet Union as the world knew it. He instituted sweeping reforms which took on a life of their own and eventually ripped apart the USSR. He survived an aborted coup attempt against him by Politburo hardline...Read More

Elian Gonzalez

His mother tried to cross the Florida Straights with Elian. Tragically she drowned, surprisingly, Elian survived and on Thanksgiving Day, 1999 he was rescued by fishermen and brought to Miami, where he was taken in by his Cuban ex...Read More

Mathias Rust

This is the guy who embarassed the Russians and astounded the world, when in 1987 at the age of 19 flew a Cessna 172B undetected all the way from Malmi airport in Helsinki, landing the craft in Moscow’s Red Square. He was se...Read More

Dan Quayle

Mr. Potatoe-head himself. He is possibly the reigning champion for All Time Butt of Most Talk Show Hosts, and selected outtakes of his genius still circulate the internet in the form of oft-forwarded “Actual Dan Quayle Quote...Read More

Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp is a former White House secretary who came to epitomize the self-righteous tattle-tale, threw herself into the middle of the Clinton investigation by secretly taping revealing conversations with one-time friend Monica ...Read More