Elian Gonzalez

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His mother tried to cross the Florida Straights with Elian. Tragically she drowned, surprisingly, Elian survived and on Thanksgiving Day, 1999 he was rescued by fishermen and brought to Miami, where he was taken in by his Cuban ex-pat relatives. Then his father came over from Cuba and after a lengthy legal battle culminating in stormtrooper style raid on the abode, Elian was rescued at gunpoint and delivered from the tyrannical hands of the people who were caring for him.

Where are they now?

He is back in Cuba where he attended a private school set up to “re-adapt” him to life in Cuba. Fidel Castro champions him as a hero and his signature has been used in state declarations. The Cuban government setup and maintains the website.
Back in the USA, the house he lived in in Miami has been turned into a museum: Unidos en Casa Elian (United in Elian House) and a plethora of parasites turned up on Ebay selling “Elian” items (purported drawings by him, hair fished out of the trashbin, etc)


# Preview Product Price
1 Elián Elián $9.99
2 Elián Elián

3 responses to “Elian Gonzalez”

  1. Fidel Castro says:

    The FBI should of shot Elian as well as the family harboring him. What a waste.

  2. OutOfTowner says:

    I think you will find the raid on Entebbe was carried out by Israel, not Janet Reno. Maybe you are thinking of Waco, or maybe you are just wacko.

  3. Peach says:

    His “dingbat” mother? OK, first of all, have some respect for the dead. Secondly, she was trying to come to the US because she believed there would be a better life for herself and her son. Finally, get your facts straight! They left on a BOAT, which subsequently SANK, leaving Elian and 2 other survivors clinging to the inner tube.

    They did not try to leave Cuba on an inner tube! Now who’s the dingbat?

    [Ed: you are right. This post is out of line and we will fix it]

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