Dan Quayle

Mr. Potatoe-head himself. He is possibly the reigning champion for All Time Butt of Most Talk Show Hosts, and selected outtakes of his genius still circulate the internet in the form of oft-forwarded “Actual Dan Quayle Quotes” emails.
Remember, this man once speculated that we could probably breathe on Mars, but bear in mind his bosses former boss (Ronald Reagan) blamed acid rain on trees, so this may not be The Most Outlandish Statement ever uttered from the Oval Office.

Where are they now?

Quayle now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Marilyn. He actually ran for the Republican nomination in 2000 but dropped out after the New Hampshire primary, basically citing lack of funds to continue the competition against George “deep pockets” Bush.
To give you an idea how he fared in the field of candidates, he was outlasted by Pat Buchanan.


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