John Delorean

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His company made the cars that were in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies, but he really came into the public eye when he was arrested on felony charges for conspiracy to traffic drugs. (He was accused of trying to make a sizable cocaine deal to raise funds to save his floundering car company.) He was eventually acquitted of all charges.

Where are they now?

He resides on a New Jersey farm and spends time in New York City. As of a phone interview with the Christian Science Monitor in early 1999 he was attempting to line up financing for another car company. From Yahoo: He declared bankruptcy in 1999, was evicted from the aforementioned farm and is now running a watch company Delorean Time and wants to get back into the sports car business. At the time of writing the domain name behind this venture is “on hold” at the registry and looks like it may lapse, so that venture must have done well. Update March 21/2005: John Delorean, (the second person ever added to died on March 19th at age 80, from complications resulting from an earlier stroke.


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