Rachel Reilly

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Rachel Reilly entered the reality television world in the summer of 2010 when she starred in the twelfth season of Big Brother. Her outspokenness caused her to immediately be considered a villain in the household, and her almost instant relationship with fellow host guest Brendon Villegas caused her to become an immediate target. She won Head of Household twice, but was evicted on week five in a unanimous vote by the other house guests.

Where are they now?

Reilly returned to Big Brother in the thirteenth season with her fiance Brendon Villegas as a part of a twist in which duos work together. Despite the early elimination of her fiance as well as constantly being on the chopping block, Reilly ended up winning that season of Big Brother, and as a result won $500 000. Reilly holds multiple Big Brother records, including most times being on the chopping block yet eventually going on to win (5). Reilly has appeared on television multiple times since appearing on Big Brother. Most notably, Reilly and (by this point) husband Villegas were contestants on two consecutive seasons of the Amazing Race. The duo finished in third place for both seasons. Reilly has also appeared on shows such as The Talk, Hells Kitchen, and the Bold and the Beautiful.


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