Darla Hood

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The adorable dark-haired love interest of Alfalfa in the popular Our Gang (Little Rascals) shorts from 1935-1941.
Darla often presented an obstacle to Alfalfa’s continued memerbship in the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club. After outgrowing her childhood stardom, she appeared in a few minor roles in movies before beginning a singing career while in high school.

Where are they now?

Hood’s adult career was as a very successful nightclub singer and recording artist, appearing in clubs across the country, as well on radio and television shows.
As an adult she even made an appearance in the cult horror movie The Bat. She also had a hit record in 1957, I Just Wanna Be Free.

In the 60s she began appearing at Our Gang fan conventions and also did voiceover work for commercials.

After entering the hospital for minor surgery when she was just 47, she contracted hepatitis and died.


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