Amazing Rhythm Aces

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By request: “WEHT…the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Popular band from the 70’s ….hit was 3rd. Rate Romance and a grammy in 1977 for The End is not in Sight?” – Giannina Brown.

Where are they now?

Burton was replaced by Duncan Cameronin 1977, then the group called it quits in 1981. Howard Russell Smith found success as a songwriter in Nashville and performed with the group Run C&W Billy Earhart joined Hank Williams Jr’s band and Duncan Cameron joined Sawyer Brown They reformed in 1994 and released an album of re-recordings of their hits and new studio material. Butch McDade died of cancer in 1998 James Hooker quit the group in 1999 going on to tour with the Prince’s Trust “supergroup” (Steve Winwood, Jimmy Page, Ray Cooper, Kenny Jones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, et al), he has also been the keyboard player and band director for Nanci Griffith for many years


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14 responses to “Amazing Rhythm Aces”

  1. Brian Glick says:

    Jeff Davis is the man. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of playing with him in a few local bands. He’s doing well in Florida. ??

  2. Big Bob Young says:

    I have had the pleasure of playing with Stick for many years. He played club dates with me since the 90’s and played on my CD in 2009. He is doing well in Florida, we speak often on fb. He’s a great player and friend.

  3. Jerry and Sherry sewell says:

    Where is Russell Smith? We went to school together. Love his music. We already wore out his tape. Where can I get his music?

  4. Mark Foster says:

    Hey Jeff,,”Whats Shakin” I would love to here from you,,,Billy E you too!!

    Chris and I are in Florida.

    Jeff last time we were together was At Big Ricks in Brentwood..Have Gun Will Travel..Let me know where you all are at..
    Mark Foster

  5. george white says:

    jeff davis left nashville after professional and personal disgrace and hid in southern indiana for almost ten years. he now resides with his ex-wife in tampa where he plays the local bar scene.

  6. someone who knows him well says:

    jeff davis moved to tampa after a long down time after leaving nashville due to a series of poor judgement calls professionally and personally. a bass player who played with bb king, al green and a host of delta blues legends is now playing the local bar scene there basking in what he used to call “people who can’t let fame go”.

  7. gary hall jr. says:

    if you would like to hear jeff stick davis now days you can catch him with gary hall jr. and the outlaws along with myself (gary hall jr.) , joe doughtery (from the grass roots) on drums, donnie reval on steel guitar, and bob green on keys. contact us at

  8. Dot says:

    I ‘ve never heard this before but I love it! This is a really great band that I remember for doing Third Rate Romance.

  9. gary hall jr. says:

    i am proud to say i am playing with Jeff “Stick” Davis in a band called 3 Amigo’s and we are doing great. Stick is stil an A 1 bass player

  10. Troy Hess says:

    I am a huge fan of ARA and loved “I musta Died & Gone To Texas” ! They were a big influence to me & my music. I would love to get in touch with Howard Russell Smith. If anyone knows, please contcat me at

    Troy Hess

  11. Vinnie says:

    Happy to say Jeff “Stick” Davis is alive and well and playing music for more than 45 years.
    Still has his since of humor and is one of a kind bass player.
    You might catch him playing around the tri state area with a variety of local artist.

  12. Giannina says:

    Update: Barry “Byrd” Burton passed away in 2008.

  13. jameshooke says:

    ¨quit¨my ass, I was f***ing fired!

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