Adam & the Ants

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British pseudo-glam punk band, formed in 1977, disbanding in ’81 at which point Adam Ant went solo.

Where are they now?

There is an excellent article on, see references.
In short:
– Stuart Goddard (Adam Ant): kept solo career going, did some acting. Married in 1997, became father in 1998, then fell ill in 2001, no word since.
– Marco Pirroni : Went on to work on every Sinead O’Connor album.
– Matthew Ashman: Left the band to join Bow Wow Wow, died in 1998 of diabetes related complications.
– Terri Lee Miall: Became a record exec at Warner Bros.
– Gary Tibbs: Played on a Corey Hart album and then moved to Los Angeles to work on musical projects.

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  1. Jude Starr says:

    Adam Ant went through an extended battle with bipolar disorder which culminated in a lengthy hospital stay. Afterwards, he returned to music and continues recording and touring….a wonderful entertainer!

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