Alison Arngrim

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Nellie Oleson is the self proclaimed prairie bitch. Well okay, it was actually Alison Arngrim the girl who portrayed Nellie that coined the term, but regardless the description is accurate. ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was the wholesome family drama set in Walnut Grove, Minnestoa, Arngrim had the mean girl role playing the rich snobby Nellie. Years later Arngrim described playing Nellie as ‘like having PMS for seven years.

Where are they now?

Arngrim released a tell all book entitled,’ Confessions of a Prairie Bitch’ in which she talks about the pros and cons of playing Nellie as well as her personal life in which she discusses being sexually abused as a child. She is married to musician Robert Paul Schoonover and keeps in regular contact with former co-star Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the series


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