Amanda Peterson

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Amanda Peterson played opposite Patrick Dempsey in the 80′ smash hit movie: Can’t buy me love as the beautiful Cindy Mancini. Before that she was a child actor i.e. Annie the movie and some others.

Where are they now?

She made some movies and tv series in the years after “Cant buy me love” like: Love and Betrayal, Listen to Me, Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories (… aka I Posed for Playboy, Hell Hath No Fury, Fatal Charm) and in 1995 her last movie Windrunner after which she disappeared…

Rumour #1 “Amanda is currently happily married and residing in the beautiful Napa Valley with her husband, David Hartley and their son Jonathon and daughter Katie.”

Rumour #2 “Unfortunately Amanda’s life isn’t as glamouros as it used to be. She has an 18 month old daughter who was removed from her custody briefly a year ago due to Amanda breastfeeding her while she was doing drugs. Her ex-boyfriend, the baby’s dad, was arrested for domestic violence against her. She also has a mental illness diagnosis. She had a lot going for her, but couldn’t keep up with the lifestyle.”

Which is right i don’t know. If any of the rumours…


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  1. Hmmm says:

    Their were way more posts. Propaganda. A lot of information was coming out regarding Amanda. Silence = Death.

  2. Jeff says:

    RIP 7/3/2015.

  3. Marcelo Gomes says:

    What happened with this forum? just erased newer messages???

    • weht says:

      Shouldn’t have, we moved it from another server but we ported all the data. It was on hiatus for a number of years while somebody else was running the site.

  4. anyone says:

    I think that almost everyone would agree that the arrest record from 2012 is legitimate, although we really don’t the exact details of the arrest. What makes it sad for me is that it is a fairly recent arrest. It is about a year and half ago so still hopeful that AP is doing much better today. Ironically the only recent pictures that she agreed to pose for were shot shortly after that arrest. I personally think those pictures were great and really did not show someone that might have a serious drug problem. I think that she looked healthy and fit. Some people forget that she is 42, not old, but nowhere near 16 when CBML was out.

  5. Wurm64 says:

    Guys..I in no way want to take away from what everyone has said on this board and I am truly concerned for Amanda’s well being. I am not here to say I know her or anyone close to her. I thought she was a very beautiful talented actress. I usually don’t do this but got caught up in the whole debate and wanted to find out for myself. I’m 99 percent sure that the Phyllis Amanda Peterson that people are talking about is true. It is true she was arrested for OWI and drug paraphernalia posession in 2012. It is a really sad thing and I hope she gets the help she needs. That is all I’m really going to say about how I found this out to protect her privacy. It is great to show your love for her and support her but l hope everyone gives her the privacy she obviously wants. Amanda..If you read this I wish the best for you! Stay strong.

  6. guest says:

    There have been lots of posts on this site, but no real updates or sightings of AP. I mean there was one post about a sighting at a wedding. No picture or date though. I mean there were the pictures from a shoot in Colorado, but did not give any real indication of what she has been up to. Those pictures were from July 2012. Hopefully 2014 will be better. If she does see this maybe she can help us out.

  7. Curious says:

    So are any of these stories / information confirmed

  8. guest says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Amanda!!! Hope it is a great year for you.

  9. Mike says:

    Hmmm: Did not mean to offend you. I also do not post as me or guest. And this is the only site I post on. I do not like to see someone’s arrest record posted on a board for everyone to see. I do not think you would want that done to you.

  10. anon says:

    Me: Thanks for the info. I am a little bit younger than Amanda, but have been a fan since CBBL. From time to time I search to see if there are any updates on her or maybe a chance that she returned to acting. It makes me sad to see stories of drug abuse and problems with family. I hope that she is doing well today.

  11. Me says:

    Maybe Patty can tell us more !!!!

  12. just curious says:

    Hmmm: I can assure you that me,guest and anon are not the same person.
    Just curious: Amanda was arrested for dui and narcotic equip. I don’t know what narcotic equip this is. I really don’t know if Amanda was/is a meth addict.
    From what I know is that she has some brushes with the law about drugs but not what kind of drug.
    Maybe she cleaned up and lives the life that she wants to, who knows ?

  13. Hmmm.. says:

    And…this is “angry”??? Really? I have no idea what other people know, so I shared info from another board. It isn’t angry at all. I haven’t trolled these boards. I looked up AP today after watching a movie she was in and wondering where she was today. She was good in the movie.

  14. Hmmm.. says:

    Who blamed anybody? The same 2 or 3 people seem to be posting over and over on this board. After reading all of these posts, I am convinced “me”, “guest”, and “anon” are the same person. There is another board that those same names pop up. On another note, I think its awesome her parents are trying to help others. This is “updates” and “sightings”. This was info I ran across on another board.

  15. anon says:

    Seriously. Don’t blame the parents. Speaking as a parent, I am sure they did all they could to help. I do only hope that she is doing well today and in a better place. I truly have no idea what is true and what is not. There seems to be a lot of speculation and hearsay still out there. Nobody really knows.

  16. Me says:

    C’mon leave the parents out of this.
    They can’t be hold responsible for Amanda’s actions.
    I’m pretty sure that they have done everything wat was/is in their power to help Amanda.
    But unfortunately it looks like that they had no succes and I’m betting that it hurts as a parent.

  17. guest says:

    And…..hasn’t everyone already seen this. What is with the angry posts. If my child has cancer or some other disease I would definitely become part of any organization that supports or does research or supports the disease. And??????

  18. Hmmmm.... says:

    Her parents are benefactors of the colorado meth project…


    PETERSON, PHYLLIS arrested:05/03/12 at 20:31
    Booking Number: 4366
    DOB: 07/08/71
    Gender: Female
    Custody Status
    Arrested for: 5404-DRIVING UNDER INFL DUI /
    Bail: $0.00
    Arrested for: 3550-NARCOTIC EQUIP – POSSESS /
    Bail: $0.00

  19. anon says:

    Are we supposed to think that story is actually about the actress Amanda Peterson. I don’t think it is.

  20. ? the mysterian says:

    Meth is a hell of a drug.

  21. This was on the daily emerald. Same Amanda? says:

    Harris: Quitting a love and drug addiction
    Posted by Daily Emerald Archives on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 12:00 am.
    Editor’s note: The following is part two of a two-part series.

    Sitting in the “Signature Cafe” of a Portland Safeway, under a set of pseudo-fancy lights, I watched Amanda Peterson and a friend walk in with a pair of chubby-cheeked bundles of joy.

    Amanda, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants, grabbed her coffee and eased into her seat, placing her baby’s veiled car seat right beside her.

    It had been almost four years since I had last seen Amanda.

    As we talked about her chaotic and heart-wrenching past, (often interrupted by the chuckles and excited squeals of her friend’s baby) she briefly stopped to lift up the pink blanket draped over the car seat; unveiling a soft, squishy little girl who gently locked eyes with me for almost a minute.

    Amanda points to her in light of her two years of pain and says, “I got a blessing out of it.”

    She put on that radiating smile I remember so well…

    After slipping out the back door and escaping her enraged father, Amanda and her lover fled on foot towards a nearby friend’s house. Old Jack-Rabbit Robbie was on the run again, from the police and now Amanda’s family.

    A love-struck Amanda was right in the action. She didn’t know where she’d end up — she just knew she wanted to be somewhere she was loved, somewhere she fit in. Robbie was that beckoning call for her, she thought.

    They arrived to their destination shortly, and after telling their friend that they needed to skip town, they were off to Beaver Creek City, Oregon (aka the middle of nowhere).

    “We just booked, we just left … we disappeared,” said Amanda. Their friend hooked Robbie up with some meth and he smoked it right in front of her when they got to Beaver Creek.

    She’d never seen meth before. She thought it was a form of weed.

    He convinced her that he was in complete control of his situation. He was, you know, a casual meth user, only doping in stressful situations.

    Watching him use those drugs marked the death of Robbie as she knew him. From then on, he was a monster.

    He would use drugs with bunches of other people and she would be the only sober one in the house. He would call her a “little girl” and take advantage of her naivety.

    He forced her to re-live her childhood; she was again the outcast.

    Robbie never let her try meth. She would watch as everyone tweaked out and her naive curiosity only grew.

    After being in Beaver Creek for a while, they grew paranoid and fled to Woodburn. It was here that she begged Robbie to let her try it. She was just tired of not fitting in. Tired of being a little girl.

    “He would make me feel two inches tall,” Amanda said.

    She persuaded him to actually let her try. Everyone else was high, so she didn’t want to be sober.

    He gave her the nod. She took her first hit.

    The tweaking. The paranoia. The fidgeting. She felt them all — but Robbie and his friends all fell asleep.

    “So I’m up all night, high — again, the oddball,” Amanda said. Getting high eventually became her way of muting out all the pain she felt; she was running from everyone she loved.

    From there, her and Jack-Rabbit Robbie bounced all around Oregon, fleeting randomly with growing paranoia and taking hit after hit with the addiction growingand growing.

    It wasn’t until that fateful night where Robbie was arrested that she was reconnected with family and friends.

    Robbie was sent to rehab, but being the slippery fellow he is, escaped it when he was told Amanda couldn’t visit him. He was brought back shortly.

    Amanda found out she was pregnant just two weeks after he told her he wanted nothing to do with her. She returned to her parents’s house and cut off everyone.

    She spent those next months drowning in sorrow with the baby’s birth growing closer and closer. It only made it worse when she found out that Robbie already had a new girlfriend.

    “Every kick I felt (from the baby), I cried a little more,” she said.

    Little Hailey was born on March 25th. She saved Amanda’s life: forcing her to quit smoking cigarettes and stop using drugs. She is now back in school and has nothing to do with Robbie — her worst addiction.

    “It was a lot easier to get away from the drugs than him,” Amanda sternly stated with a small smirk on her face.

    That is the girl I once remembered — a naive little girl, turned adverse-young-mom.

  22. Tom says:

    I have gone through all these posts and the bottom line is that nobody REALLY knows what happened to Amanda. Unless she decides to come forward and give some sort of interview or something, it still is mostly speculation and hearsay. Clearly there is some really strong evidence of drug use and trouble with the law, we have no idea what really went on and what might have caused these problems. Hopefully, for the sake of her children she is in different place today and is doing much better. It is really a shame because she was a very talented actress. I do only wish her the best.

  23. anon says:

    Me: Was this a friend of hers?
    Based upon what I saw, I got the feeling that she was telling the truth also. Hopefully since it was almost 3 years ago that she is doing much better now. I saw a few pictures of the pictures that this person posted and it is hard to say if she was in a really bad way. She looked stressed out and tired with no make up on and the last real pictures of her were back in the early 90’s. If there were more pictures, I would rather not see them. The pictures from 2012 were a lot better.

  24. Me says:

    Anon: I do know exactly who she is.
    Sadly I think she was telling the truth about Amanda.
    There were more pictures….
    It was in february 2011.

  25. I Knew Her says:

    In rehab in FL in 2001. Hope she is back on track.

  26. anon says:

    What do you mean by “found”?? Do you know exactly who she is? It seemed that she was an acquaintance of Amanda’s and posted some not so flattering pix of her and was telling personal info. about her and her daughter. No wonder Amanda was not happy, but I think this was awhile ago.

  27. Me says:

    I have found the woman who was removed from IMDB.
    Looks like she was telling things that were not appreciated by Amanda.

  28. anon says:

    I posted a respone to “me” earlier, but it seems to have been taken down. The IMDB posts made by the person who was removed from IMDB were deleted. This all took place almost 4 years ago. Pieces of the posts can be found on another site.

  29. anon says:

    I am not completely sure of the facts, but it seems there was a woman who claimed to be a friend posting personal info and pictures about Amanda on IMDB. This all happened almost 4 years ago and most of the posts were deleted by IMDB. However, there are piece of the posts on a site called Board Reader under the heading “Best disappearance act in Hollywood.”

  30. Me says:

    I’m still here.
    I’m doing some research concerning the person who was been removed from IMDB.
    Does this ring a bell with someone ?

  31. anon says:

    It seems like the posting on this site has quieted down quite a bit recently. Maybe because it is the holiday season and everyone is very busy. No more posts from Patty. No mysterious posts from Amanda. Not even any angry posts questioning other posts about amanda’s whereabouts and whether she actually posts on this board. Where did everyone go?

  32. Me says:

    From every post I read nowadays I wonder if it is not Amanda herself.
    For example the post from lauren could be one. Who knows ?

  33. lauren says:

    Well said Cris. I believe that Amanda still has a strong following considering she has not acted in almost 20 years. It would be great to see her make some sort of comeback, but she has to live her life the best way she sees fit for her and her family. I only wish her good things and peace.

  34. Cris says:

    I just read a lil blurb about Amanda from Gold Rush Alaska’s Todd Hoffman page on facebook….Todd asked Patrick Dempsey about “the girl from CBML”… appears Amanda has not left alot of people’s minds and is still relavent today!….I enjoyed that show and she was, probably still is, a terrific actress. I think many of us would love to see her make a comeback in some way. For me….I would be content if she lived a happy,healthy life as she chooses.

  35. Anon says:

    WOW… “What a bunch of weirdos”… When someone states pretty definitively that Amanda has posted on this site at least 5x, it surely peaks your interest. It is not as though people wanted her personal address or phone number or anything. You cannot put that kind of information out there and not expect people to respond. Calm the hell down.

  36. Guest says:

    Isnt this page for updates or sightings? It’s not a discussion board. Just reading this, if I was patty, or amanda for that matter, i wouldn’t say another word to appease these hounds. “Come clean already”? What a bunch of weirdos. Can’t imagine why she wants privacy.

  37. GUEST says:

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. And yes I too would love to know which posts are from Amanda. Come on Patty. I still feel that you are Amanda though.

  38. Me says:

    Patty: there is still the matter of Amanda posting on this board.
    Can you help us out which posts are from Amanda ?
    Give us a clue at least please ?

  39. GUEST says:

    I agree Patty. Although almost all of the people that post here are positive about Amanda and definitely do not want to see any negative things said about her; true or untrue. I have no real interest in any speculation about you either.

  40. Patty says:

    I have never had anything to do with IMDB and I am NOT Amanda. I am an insightful fan and nothing more. I think Amanda is a terrific actress and a great person who doesnt deserve negative speculation about her.

  41. anon says:

    Sorry, I do not want to put incorrect info. out there. I thought that there was a woman posting personal information about Amanda on IMDB a few years back. She claimed to be a friend of hers, but of course there was no real proof. She did post a few pictures. Someone said that her IDMB profile was blocked or something. My facts may be wrong though.

  42. anon says:

    Is Patty the one that put all that info on IMDB, then got kicked off.

  43. Me says:

    Maybe Patty can help us out.
    As far as I know she has custody of one. Must be around six-seven years old

  44. Guest says:

    How old are these girls ?? Do these girls both have the same father ?

  45. anon says:

    I was watching Can’t buy me Love the other day when my 7 year old nephew came into the room. He caught a glimpse of Amanda’s character Cindy and made it known on the spot that she is the prettiest woman he has ever seen. I told the little guy that he has very good taste. It was a pretty cute moment that i thought was funny. Anyways I hope her and her daughter are doing well and the best luck to the both of them.

  46. Vince says:

    I met Amanda at a retro festival (retro sitcoms and movies) over in Santa Monica, California. She was sitting next to Erin Grey signing autographs. There were many celebrities there as well…She was so sweet and so down to earth.

    I couldn’t get over how nice she was! She was flattered that I remembered her when she guessed starred in Silver Spoons opposite Ricky Shroeder…She said “Oh my God Erin-can you believe that she actually remembers me way back when I did an episode with you on Silver Spoons!”.

    After I visited with her awhile-she gave me two photos of her and Patrick Dempsey that she autographed. We were talking when this slimy guy started hitting on her and I could she was uncomfortable with his advances and she gave me a look like oh boy I better get outta here as he followed her outside as she was leaving. Anyway…that was my experience meeting her! I was really impressed by how down to earth she was! Alexis V.

  47. Wayne says:

    Amanda.. I loved your movies.. cant buy me love.. was my favorite. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives but don’t let no one get you down, you stay true to yourself and it will be all good. I think you are very beautiful and always will be. would have been nice to meet you in person but I didn’t have the privilege. Have a very nice life and stay strong Amanda.

  48. Me says:

    Ahhh.. now we are getting somewhere.
    I would say that Patty is a close friend of Amanda or at least speak to her.
    Am I right Patty ?
    Are the posts recently or of an older date ? Please give us a clue.

  49. Guest says:

    Two girls.

  50. weht says:

    Not trying to start anything, but how many children does amanda have ? I think there is solid proof that she has the one daughter. There is speculation that she does have two more, possibly another girl and a boy.

  51. Renee says:

    I think GUEST is Amanda.

  52. paco says:

    Patty is Amanda. It is so obvious.

  53. guest says:

    Obviously it really does not make any difference if she posted on here, but I am getting a little freaked out by Patty’s posts. How could patty possibly know about Amanda’s posts unless she was with her when she posted or she is Amanda. Come clean already. It is really not a big deal.

  54. Patty says:

    I would say there are at least 5+ posts on here that Amanda wrote on here, and there are several posts from her on another website. Nevertheless, what difference does it make?

  55. ANONYMOUS says:

    My guess is that Patty is Amanda. Read the posts closely and you can tell it is her.

  56. Me says:

    Now the geussing begins which post is from Amanda.

  57. Patty says:

    I am not Amanda, but she has posted on here.

  58. guest says:

    Wow…I was thinking the exact same thing. I definitely think that one of these posters is her.

  59. Me says:

    I get the feeling that Patty is Amanda. Does anybody share this feeling ?

  60. guest says:

    I always got a “hippie” kind of vibe about Amanda especially when she would talk about her Colorado upbringing. She definitely was not one of those “mini skirt and high heels” kind of girls. She was a natural beauty who did not need all that make-up.

  61. Juliette says:

    Anybody hear the shout out to cant buy me love on the new tv show the goldbergs? And anyone think amanda looked so much younger in her work after cbml, than as cindy mancini? Maybe that was a problem too? She went from hot 18 year old senior, to ehh 15 year old looking drab.

  62. anon says:

    I do not consider some biker chick pictures an update to where and what she has been doing for the last 18 years. It is nice to see that she is looking healthy and well, but gives no indication of what she is doing with her life.

  63. Me says:

    A year ago she has given us an update with the photoshoot by KR Productions. I doubt if she will give us an update again.
    Don’t get me wrong I would love to see an update every now and then but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.
    Maybe she is too damaged in the past. We don’t know.
    I’m still hoping for an autobiography of her. Maybe it’s wishfull thinking.

  64. Stacy says:

    Well said Stacy. I really do hope that she reads some of these posts. Most of the comments are totally positive. Most people are just wishing her well and hoping that she will give some sort of update. Obviously, she does not owe anybody anything, but I am sure any update would be satisfy the curious. I totally think that if she wanted to, she could make some sort of comeback. Things are just so different today and I believe that people would be accepting of her. Who knows???? As Stacy said, when she feels ready, there are plenty of people who would love to hear from her.

  65. Stacy says:

    I think why it’s so frustrating for people to have no closure is because she was truly talented. Yes, she was pretty. But she was a solid actress. It seems like she could have gone very far. And then she disappeared. Many of us have good memories of her past works and wish her happiness and a good life. It would be nice to have some kind of update on how she is or what she’s doing now. It would be great if she would guest star on some things or do something. But if that’s not where her heart is, then I guess she can’t do it. We may never know what happened in her life that caused her to step out of the public eye and remain such a mystery. I wish her the best and do hope that she knows we would love to hear from her when she’s ready.

  66. Anybody says:

    Why doesn’t she post a pic and bio of herself if everything that is reported is not true? That would end the speculation. Obviously she does not have to do that, but if rumors bother her so much, set the record straight! Maybe the problem is that the rumors are actually true, so hiding is her only way of denying them.

  67. ME says:

    I don’t know what you mean. Who was kicked off of IMDB ?

  68. weht says:

    Seriously??? Now we are back to reposting questionable information from other message boards again ??? ENOUGH !!!

  69. guest says:

    I heard she has two daughters but custody of one. On another board someone said she’s just a hollow lost soul. True?

  70. Me says:

    Thank you Patty.
    Does it really matter how a person looks when he/she ages ? We all want to look great, but in the end it doesn’t matter how a person looks but how he/she is as a person.
    I’ve been following the news around Amanda for some time now and I must agree that most of the people are positive about her. And that is what really counts…
    Time and looks catches upon all of us.
    Given that fact it is a pity for her that she is enstranged from her family. I don’t know the reason for that, but I hope that in the future she will get back in contact with them. If not for herself then for her daughter.
    And yes maybe she had some brushes with the law in the past it doesn’t give people the right to speak badly about her, because we have no idea what has been through and it is so easy to judge her.
    So Amanda if you read this I wish you would return to acting, but if not I wish you and your daughter a good life away from the madness from Hollywood

  71. Anybody says:

    Again…well said Patty. It would seem that you know her personally or know someone that does. If she does read the blogs and websites, she would know that the majority of the comments about her are positive. Longtime fans sharing positive memories, fans wishing her return to acting or fans just wishing her well. I would think that most people (besides those who follow these blogs) think that she was a talented actress back in the day and just went left acting and went off to live her life in private. Until I did some research, that is what I figured. Whether she was hurt or not, I feel that she is truly talented and if she wanted to make a comeback, she would fine. Seriously, look at some of the people out there on reality tv. People of all ages, sizes, backrounds…and they are accepted. The bulk of them have absolutely no talent. None.

  72. GUEST says:

    I’ve been told she reads these regularly and searches for herself continually. My personal opinion is she is hurt. Hurt by what hollywood did to her, hurt she isn’t close to her family, and hurt by strangers speculating about her demise. Think of the pain that would cause anybody! She’s a good person, and trying hard to meet all the demands of life. This is not an unusual story for child actors….corey haim, river phoenix, amanda bynes…think about it. These babies are thrust into fame and cannot live a normal life after. I truly feel for Mandy and think she has so much potential if she can just get herself there, the possibilities for her are endless!

  73. GUEST says:

    WOW…Well said Patty. I wonder if she ever reads any of this ??

  74. Patty says:

    Its true she has been arrested for drugs and that she is estranged from her family. She had a bad hollywood experience and doesn’t want to be part of that. I don’t think the motorcycle pictures really do her justice. It is her, but normally, she isn’t so heavily made up and honestly looks very similar to her cindy mancini days. All of that being said…does it make her a bad person? Or, does it make her a middle aged woman who has been through some dark times and just like all of us is trying to better herself? She is super talented. She should’ve had the opportunity to continue working as an actress. I wish shewould put her fear of judgement aside and take a leap of faith and try hollywood again. It’s different now, and I think she could still be very successful at it.

  75. Patty says:

    Looking up someone on the internet does not mean that you now know there whereabouts. There is a ton of false info. on people out there. Leave the poor woman alone already. Nobody knows what she is truly up to and I think that she wants it that way. Given the pictures posted from the photo shoot in Colorado, I highly doubt she is some crack addict. She is over 40 and barely has a wrinkle on her face. Years of substance abuse destroys your face. I am sure she is doing okay.

  76. weht says:

    Guest, you should try and post the picture from the wedding on her fan page on facebook. A picture of her looking elegant and together might ******* the people who perpetuate the story of her being a strung out crack *****.

  77. Guest says:

    I am glad that she is doing well. Many people have rough patches they go through in their lives. What is most important is that you get through it and come back on the right side. Yes, parents are NOT divorced. Been married over 50 years. Hopefully she will find her way back to acting. Such a great talent. For all those comments about her appearance, she is over 40 and looks pretty **** good.

  78. Guest says:

    I saw her at a wedding of a mutual friend. She looked beautiful. She was a bridesmaid and honestly couldn’t have looked any better. She looked together and very elegant. I have a pic, but can’t seem to post it on here. She was sweet and adorable. Maybe she has a rough past? But seems to have it together now.

  79. Reese says:

    It isn’t tough to find Amanda. Her folks are not divorced. She has a mini me niece. She’s a regular person. Would you want your laundry hung out for everyone to judge? She’s normal. We all have strained relationships and mistakes that we may be embarassed of. Normal. It’s not really a news story.

  80. Laurie says:

    Still kinda thinking that Patty is Amanda…just saying.

  81. weht says:

    I bet she does have a great story to tell, but it is her personal story. Hopefully someday she will write a book or do an interview or maybe even go back into acting. Only time will tell. It just seems wrong for all these people that do not even really know her or her family to continually post information about her that may or not be true. I cannot imagine they would want that done to them.

  82. guest says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this, but you gotta admit that she has a story to tell.
    I mean such a big star and than walk away from the spotlight. Just like that.

  83. guest says:

    This is nonsense. I am so sick of these people scouring message boards and public records databases for information then posting it as if they are close with her. Any real friend would never do such a thing or need to. Most of the stuff out there is hearsay at best. Whether she has been in trouble or not, is none of anyone’s **** business. Leave her alone already. Whether or not she talks to her family, she DOES have teenage (and younger) nieces and nephews out there that do not need to see this constant speculation about where and what she is up to.

  84. weht says:

    I truly have no idea what you say is right or wrong. I do not know or have ever met AP. She is a few years younger than me and I thought she was a very talented actress years ago who I thought would go on to a much bigger career. The only thing I know is that some of your info. is dead wrong so I why would I believe anything you post. Common sense tells me that she has had some issues in her personal life, but I would think that she would not want people going on the internet sharing any details of her private life. I hope she is doing okay. Just remember she is someone’s mother, daughter, sister and aunt.

  85. guest says:

    Everyrhing I say is wrong according to you so where I get my information is not important.
    I guess the next thing you gonna tell is that she hasn’t been arrested on 5/3/12?

  86. weht says:

    Actually her parents are not divorced. Guest, were do you get you information ?

  87. guest says:

    You don’t have to believe everything people say. It’s your choice.
    By the way, her parent are divorced.

  88. weht says:

    Why should we believe people who claim they have specific information on her. If you actually knew her then why troll the message boards. I think there are a lot of haters out there.

  89. weht says:

    Guest, how do you know they do not speak to her. I can’t imagine her whole family does not speak to her. Besides her parents, she has a sister, brother and neices and and nephews. None of them speak to her ? Why would she still live in her hometown then ?

  90. weht says:

    I wish AP would do an interview or something and put all the rumors to rest once and for all. You would think that someone in her family would speak out on her behalf. Her family is out there on social media.

  91. weht says:

    Her family doesn’t speak to her anymore.

  92. weht says:

    I think that there are a lot of lies being spread about Amanda out there. No wonder she has no desire to return to the public eye.

  93. Pointer Amanda Peterson says:

    Clinton, I’m writing to let you know that I’m not so SUPER! In fact, please let this comment serve as my official ” break up” notice to you. Your wiener is just too tiny for me. Also I think your kind of a moron. Anonymous, you are correct… Clinton does live in a **** filled hole, right outside of Greeley. Clinton, you are sweet to stick up for me in this forum, but really any idiot can look up another person’s background free if charge on the internet. That’s how I found out about your tiny wiener!

  94. weht says:

    Clinton you are very welcome.

  95. Clinton says:

    I have a tiny weiner and my kyphosis prevents me from sucking myself off, but the rest of your comment is 100% true! Thanks for showing me just what a moron I truly am!

  96. weht says:

    Clinton you must be a total ******* retard. It is as easy as 123 to find out anything about anyone on the internet. You must be the biggest ******* moron on the planet if you don’t know that by now. Go crawl back in the **** filled hole that you wormed your *** out of and go back to sucking yourself off!

  97. Clinton says:

    Sorry commentors! I found out that an internet search is totally FREE of charge and I searched for Amanda Peterson’s whereabouts and it turns out I’m the IdIOT!!!!! I also now believe in SANTa ClauS!!!!!!!

  98. Clinton says:

    And I’m devastated by the IDIOTS around the internet these days!
    Amanda IS SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. weht says:

    Amanda still lives in the Greeley area. She goes by the name Phyllis Amanda Peterson and was arrested in Weld Co. Colorado for DUI and Narcotic equip. possession on 5/3/12. I found this info on the Weld Co. Sheriffs website. I was such a huge fan of hers when I was a teenager. I’m devastated by what her life has become. There are pictures of her online with her daughter and she looks very disheveled and questionably wasted. She also posed for pictures for KRprodutions which are also on the company website. The KRproductions pictures were a month after her arrest and she looks pretty good. I’m pulling for you Amanda!

  100. weht says:

    I love how everyone says they know Amanda but all have different stories about her. Maybe no one really knows and she’s just living a normal life.

  101. Mr. Spin says:

    Stone, thank you for your update regarding Amanda. I hope all the rumors and stories about her on the internet are not true. If you see her again tell her that there are still fans that wish her all the best with her and her daughter Stella. We pray for her that she has find the peace she was looking for.
    We cannot imagine the pressure that comes with being a star.

  102. STONE says:

    i talk to amanda most every day she lives in greeley co and is raiseing her 4 year old daugther alone livein in a home provided by the church unemployed and broke she has no help from the dead beat father of stella her beautiful daugther we meet in 2006 right after she was beaten by her ex boyfrind and we went on a road trip togather and now we are back in contact i send her mony when i can i wish her parenets would help her out she is workin on her aotobiahferfrie keep her in your prayers shes the most beautiful women i’v ever knowen and keeps me in check daily.

  103. Anon says:

    I pity Amanda if she has to talk to someone as clearly stupid as STONE on a daily basis.

  104. ANON says:

    I saw an article from April 0f 2009 which said that an Amanda Peterson was named Director of Parks and Recreation of Northglenn, Colorado. She was indicated to have a degree from Colorado State University…any chance this is the same Amanda Peterson???

  105. Me says:

    i know mandy shes in ft collins colorado we had turkey with her her daughter and her boyfriend on thanksgiving at our house shes back in school and raising her daughter the rumors on the other page are just that rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. just curious says:

    I was just wondering if it is really true that AP was/is a meth addict? I have no knowledge as to whether she is or not, but was curious. From what I have read I think she has done some drugs, but meth is hardcore. From the pictures I saw from 2012, she does not look like a meth addict to me. She looks thin, but not emaciated. Face looks very good for over 40. Barely any wrinkles. You really cant tell what the teeth look like, but overall she looks pretty **** good for her age. I’ve seen a couple of meth addicts and she just does not look like they do. Not trying to start trouble, just was a little curious.

  107. Alicia says:

    Amanda I think that you were a very talented young actress. It is too bad we did not get to see more of your work, but I guess you had you reasons for leaving acting. It would be so cool if you would act again. I could see you as a guest on one of the Law and Order shows or CSI. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying your life away from the spotlight.

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