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Paul Zaloom played the irreverent, wacky, brilliant Beakman on the science-oriented kids show Beakman’s World in the 90s. Zaloom’s bizarre appearance and brilliant comic timing turned each episode into an amazing learning experience that combined equal parts Albert Einstein and Groucho Marx. Zaloom occasionally reprises his Beakman role in a touring demontration called Beakman Live!

Where are they now?

After the end of Beakman’s World Zaloom returned to his performance artist roots as a political satirist and puppeteer who is available for bookings through his web site. In addition, he also co-wrote the mockumentary In Smog and Thunder: The Civil War of the California. He is also a talented artist whose work has been displayed at the prestigious Kennedy Centerin Washington DC. He has also taught puppetry and performance art at schools around the country.


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  1. Sir I just wanted to say thank you. It is because says:

    Sir I just wanted to say thank you. It is because of you my wife and I son now works at NASA in Houston ,tx

  2. I still watch reruns of Beakman's world. For me t says:

    I still watch reruns of Beakman’s World. I thought the show was brilliant and he was amazing in how he taught science. I’m so grateful for the reruns but I wish he would come back and continue the show. It’s so much more intriguing and engaging then shows that followed his. All the others pale in comparison. I thank Mr. Zaloom for his brilliance. If I were a science teacher I would show his programs at least once a week in my classes. But I’m not. But I make the effort to get up every Sunday morning not to miss his reruns. Bring back Beakman!!!!!!!

  3. sci says:

    Beakman’s world was by far the best ever science show. Thank you all.

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