Belinda Carlisle

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Belinda Carlisle was a founding member and the lead singer of the very popular all female band the Go-Gos. The band formed out of the LA punk scene, they were originally called “The Misfits”. They became the Go-Gos in 1979. They released two very successful albums, Beauty and the Beat (1981) and Vacation (1982).

Where are they now?

The band was heavily into a host of drugs. After Vacation Belinda left the band, gave up drugs, and went into rehab. In 1986, she married an assistant to President Ronald Reagan Morgan Mason. In 1987, she released her first solo album, “Heaven on Earth”. This album was highly successful. Her second solo effort “Runnaway Horses” (1989) was not. Since then she has been active in PETA, AIDs awaremess, and had a baby. She has released a few more albums, with no success.

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3 responses to “Belinda Carlisle”

  1. ruby t. says:

    Belinda s voice is nothing short of heaven on earth, lots of years left , she should team up with anne lennox and hit the road !

  2. yeah says:

    she was a contestant on hell’s kitchen UK 2004

  3. Scott says:

    Can I edit this? There are some errors and omissions here..and poor sentence structure. lol.

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