Billy Ocean

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Trinidad born and raised mostly in Great Britain. Billy Ocean enjoyed minor celebrity in European stages and nightclubs in the 1970s before achieving international stardom in 1984 with his smash hit Caribbean Queen over the next 5 years Billy Ocean topped the US and international charts with hits Suddenly Loverboy There’ll be sad songs, When the going gets tough and Get outta my dreams…

Where are they now?

Billy returned to his native Trinidad in 2002 and has earned notable respect and adulation from schools of fine and performing arts, being awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Westminster.
Now a graying, bearded, dreadlocked elder in his 50s. Billy enjoys gardening, playing pan, and occasional touring in Europe.


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6 responses to “Billy Ocean”

  1. Mark Bell says:

    Billy Ocean where are u in da world.I grew up with your music it was the best music I ever know.Please a new hit from u will be welcomed.

  2. Bernice Charles says:

    He lives in Jamacia now, was told by my cousin, because He is my brother by my Father.His real name is Leslie Charle

  3. Lady M!!! (maureen CumberbatchDavis)Maureen C-Davi says:

    Formerly of Barbados;need to get in touch with you soon.Fbk or

  4. Maureen cumberbatch Davis says:

    Billy’s wife and I grew up together in Barbados, would like to find her again, my facebk:Maureen C-Davis; we used to have bday parties together until she went to get her passport to go to England-found that she was 8/30, not 8/31 like me. Love you JudyBayne,please respond. Saw Yvonne & Linda when went to my grandma’s funeral. Ms.Phyliss also has 2 boys here in US Navy

  5. Jamillah harris says:

    I am a fan of the former singer billy ocean. What happen to him? I don’t see hi, on Television at all since he was popular. I would like see him in person again.

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