Billy Ray Cyrus

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One of the most famous one-hit wonders of all time, Cyrus became a household name when his Achy Breaky Heart became one of the biggest songs of 1992.
The album, Some Gave All, spent 17 weeks at the top of the charts, selling 9 million copies.

Where are they now?

Cyrus continues to release albums, but none have come close to the success of his first. His 8th album, The Other Side, was released in 2003.
Cyrus has also dabbled in films and TV. He had a role in David Lynch’s Mullholland Dr and Joel Zwick’s Elvis Has Left The Building.

His TV appearencs include Pax TV’s Doc (2001-2004) and the upcoming Hannah Montana, opposite his daughter Miley.

Cyrus currently lives in Nashville with his wife of 12 years, Leticia, and their 6 children.

2 responses to “Billy Ray Cyrus”

  1. Melanie says:

    I agree…plus he has had success as an actor as well.

  2. Billy Ray Cyrus says:

    The man had many top ten and other number 1 country hits- hardly should be classified as One hit wonder.

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