Bjorn Borg

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Coming from Sweden, Borg became one of the most successful tennis players ever during the 1970s. He managed, among lots of competitions, to win five Wimbledon in a row, from 1976 to 1980, as well as a total of six victories in the French Open.

Where are they now?

After launching his own clothes brand Bjorn Borg and carry out some financial problems in Sweden, as well as appearing in the press with several girlfriends out of which one was arrested by the police charged with posession of cocaine, Borg lives a rather quiet life, appearing every now and then at tennis games for celebs.

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  1. joykuri says:

    Bjorn Borg was recently sighted on an ice cap. He was in white tennis uniform and merged with the white background beautifully. A polar bear licked him fondly. That irritated Borg and he screamed. the ice cap cracked and borg melted away.

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