Brooke Adams

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After starring in Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1978, she starred in the 1985 chick-flick Key Exchange and then later played the same role in the Broadway remake of it. Also starred in Cuba, The Dead Zone and The Stuff

Where are they now?

She’s done mainly horror movies and supernatural “thrillers” (a.k.a “B-movies”) and a myriad of television appearances including Monk, Wings and Frasier. She turned down an offer to be one of the original Charlies Angels and in 1989 adopted a daughter. In 1992 she married Tony Shalhoub. Jan 19/04: Stars in Made-Up a film in which her character is given a makeover by her teenage daughter as it is filmed for a documentry.

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2 responses to “Brooke Adams”

  1. Bill fabiano says:

    Shes awesome in body snatchers

  2. Joyce says:

    Has appeared in several episodes of Monk.

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