Carl Douglas

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In 1974 Carl was working with the producer Biddu and found himself in need of a b-side for his song I Want To Give You My Everything
He literally whipped off Kung Fu Fighting and recorded it in 10 minutes. The A&R department at the label heard it and released it as an A-side.

The rest is, as they say, history.

Where are they now?

He charted again in the UK in 1977 with Run Back and a remix of Kung Fu Fighting charted in 1998.
Douglas currently lives in Germany “where he runs a publishing company that co-ordinates films, documentaries and advertisements and is in the process of recording new material to release”


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# Preview Product Price
1 Kung Fu Fighting Kung Fu Fighting $23.00
2 Kung Fu Fighting Kung Fu Fighting $1.29

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  1. LongAwayfrom Detroit says:

    A little known story. In 1975 or 1976 a radio station in Detroit Michigan ran a contest for the top 100 Rock and Roll songs of all time. Every listener could vote for their top three. A few weeks later after a huge promotion all weekend long was dedicated to the countdown. As expected, Beatles, Presley, Elton John were all high on the list. Finally, they counted down to NUMBER 1 – the greatest rock and roll song of all time… Kung Fu Fighting.

    It was a lesson in how important it is to get someone who knows statistics when you design a survey!

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