Lorenzo Music a.k.a Carlton The Doorman

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He was the disembodied voice of Carlton the Doorman on the 1974 TV sitcom Rhoda

Where are they now?

He’s had a long illustrious career in voice-over work, credits including a animated special Carlton Your Doorman centered around this quirky character in 1980. Most notably he has been the voice of Garfield the animated cat.

He died of cancer on 08/04/2001 at age 64.


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2 responses to “Lorenzo Music a.k.a Carlton The Doorman”

  1. Alimex says:

    Carlton the Doorman was one of the best running gags on TV ever. Music’s flat tone and dry humor caught the audience’s attention, all waiting for that one time for him to show up on camera. We always knew his presence was a key part of each RHODA episode.

  2. Curtis says:

    Lorenzo volunteered on the Suicide Prevention Center crisis line in Los Angeles for several years. Great guy. No, he didn’t use his Carlton/Garfield voice when on calls.

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