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Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton bounded into the limelight at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. With her beaming smile, she was the first American woman ever to obtain the Gold Medal in the All-Around in women’s gymnastics. She also achiev...Read More

Dianne Durham

First African-American gymnast to be the USA All-Around Champion in 1983. Was Bela Karolyi’s first USA All-Around after he defected to the United States....Read More

Jake The Snake Roberts

Famous WWF (or WWE these days) wrestler who fought with a 10ft long python, which other wrestlers pumped up on steroids for some reason found scary....Read More

Vinko Bogataj

The “Agony of Defeat” Ski Jumper. At the International Ski Flying Championship from Oberstdorf in 1970, Bogataj crashed on his third jump, and forever became identified with “the agony of defeat” through us...Read More

Steve Fonyo

At the risk of sounding like a bad pun (not intended), Steve Fonyo followed in the footsteps of Canadian hero Terry Fox, each having lost a leg to cancer and embarking on a trans-Canada marathon to raise funds for cancer research....Read More

Gale Sayers

Chicago Bears running back whose story was immortalized in the movie Brian’s Song. He and Brian Piccolo were the first NFL players to put aside the racial barriers and room together while on the road. Brian Piccolo later suc...Read More

Harvey Glance

Sprinter, I came across him while researching Houston McTear. He was expected to win the 100 meter dash at the North Florida Relays in 1975 when Mctear edged him out by .2 seconds, but amazingly, the top 3 in that race finished in...Read More

Houston McTear

By request: “When I was in High School there was, very briefly, a young man named Houston Mctear who was called the fastest man in the world. To my knowledge he was the only person to ever run the 100 yard dash in 9 seconds ...Read More

Johnny K-9

During the particularly manic phase of the WWF in the mid-to-late 80’s Johnny K-9 was one of the “canon fodder” no-names, tossed into the ring against the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ricky Steamboat who would deftly ...Read More

Judy Arnold

She was the pretty, blonde,bomber of the Philadelphia Warriors roller-derby team. Captain from 1967-1975.x...Read More