Christopher Atkins

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His first role was his most famous – He played Richard in The Blue Lagoon opposite Brooke Shields(1980). He was nominated for a Golden Globe for best new actor for this role. In 1982 his song How Can I Live Without Her reached #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart which appeared in the film The Pirate Movie (1982). He was Frederic in the Pirate Movie opposite Kristy McNichol.

Where are they now?

Owns his own outdoor sports company and has patented his own fishing lure. He is divorced and has 2 children, a son named Grant and a daughter named Brittney Bomann, she has acted in three films. Quotes from his IMDB page: “I really did drop out to become a dad. It’s so much fun having the little knuckleheads around.””I’m trying to peek my head back into pictures.”

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2 One Remains One Remains

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