Christopher George

Christopher George

Real Name: Christopher George
Category: Show Biz
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Posted Date: 2010-02-03
Last Modified: 2020-01-14

Christopher George was perhaps best known for his starring role in the 1966-1968 TV series The Rat Patrol , the role which nominated him for a Golden Globe in 1967 as Best TV Star. Over the course of two seasons and 58 episodes, George played the lead role of Sergeant Sam Troy in The Rat Patrol. The show followed the exploits of four allied soldiers who were part of a long range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II.

What happened to:

George died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Tuesday, November 28, 1983. He died at Westside Hospital in Los Angeles, California, while under the care of his cardiologist, Dr. Pearl McBroom. Ironically, a contributing factor in his death is believed to have been a 1967 mishap suffered on the set of The Rat Patrol when his jeep flipped over and pinned him beneath the vehicle!

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Christopher George