Clay Aiken

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The no-talent vaudeville reject who needs to take his winnings from American Idol and get some voice lessons as well as a personality before his record comes out. The fact that he even made it to the top 10 proves that the ‘reality’ show was fixed from the start!

Where are they now?

Best case scenario: He will take acting lessons and do a better impersonation of wood so that he can become a department-store mannequin and actually put his lack of expression to good use. Worst-case scenario: He will take himself seriously and after his anemic record sales have tanked, he will hit the Clinton-circuit and get paid big money to rattle on in front of eager crowds saying nothing. Update from webmaster: Aug/03 Clay Aiken co-founds charitable foundation for children with mental handicaps, The Bubel-Aiken Foundation . I imagine this will help bring in even more flame mail. Meanwhile Clay’s record sales are anything but “anemic”. Good for him! Now let’s see if he has staying power, because that is what this site is all about. (Remember, MC Hammer made about 100 Million dollars and he still wound up here)


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5 responses to “Clay Aiken”

  1. nancy says:

    Why so mean, people up top? Clay is a great guy who REALLY was a victim of homophobia on the second season of Idol! I mean, jealous fans of the other guys, ‘specially Ruben, said such cruel, crude things about he and his fans, of which I am proud to still be one, that he just kind of gave up and moved back to RALEIGH way before he was gonna! I saw him in concert and will again, if he comes out west again! good luck clay, and maybe go country, or gospel, or whatever you want!

  2. MARY SWEET says:


  3. Cindy says:

    He appeared in concert at Christmas time last year 2012, it was a small venue and i had free tickets. His performance was so awful (and I felt like I was in church…he talked more than he sang). We left after the 3rd song. Just couldn’t take it any longer.

  4. unknown says:

    Well it’s one way to stay in the headlines I guess. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    The most controversial ‘Has Been of the Future’ here on has come out in the latest issue of People magazine.

  5. Mook says:

    So much for paternity leave!

    New dad Clay Aiken has a new gig lined up — and this one is quite familiar to him. The former American Idol finalist will reprise his role as Sir Robin in Monty Python’s Spamalot on Broadway, Access Hollywood confirms.

    “Since leaving Spamalot in May, jokes have just not been funny. Food has lost its taste. The grass is no longer green — the sky no longer blue. And, babies won’t stop crying!! I’m so excited about coming back to the funniest show in the world!” Aiken said in a statement.

    The 29-year-old, who welcomed son Parker with best friend Jaymes Foster, 50, on Aug. 8, made his Broadway debut in January. He is new run will go from Sept. 19-Jan. 4.

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