Clerow Wilson

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He had a very popular comedy/variety series in the 70’s, one on which the largest stars of the day, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, et al. were eager to guest on and one of the first shows to host blockbuster musical acts of the time such as Issac Hayes, James Brown and The Temptations. It was the number two rated show (second to All In The Family) for the first two years.

Where are they now?

The show ended in 1974, Flip guest starred on other shows and did the celebrity golf circuit. In 1981 he was arrested for cocaine possession but the California Supreme Court threw it out. In 1984 he hosted a game show called People Are Funny which was cancelled after a four months and in then had a short lived Cosby-show ripoff called Charlie and Company which lasted a scant 4 weeks. He died November 25th, 1998 at his Malibu hime of liver failure, aged 64.

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