Color Me Badd

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Color Me Badd was part of the first wave of Boy Band music that populated the airwaves in the 1990’s. I Wanna Sex You Up was one of the classic songs from the early 90’s that pitted young kids against their parents. It contained no explicit lyrics and was featured on the radio, but the content probably wasn’t appropriate for 10-year olds. Of course, now it seems tame.
The creatively titled C.M.B. album was a huge seller and you could argue that these guys squeezed as much out of their talent as any musical group of all time, considering that they had a triple-platinum debut album and multiple singles.

Where are they now?

Bryan Abrams is still singing his heart out and – according to his website – is a “multi-platinum recording artist.” So he’s got that going for him. Perhaps best of all, he’s got a single out that he recorded with the likes of Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) and Jordan Knight (New Kids).
Sam Watters was the primary songwriter of the group and has stayed in the industry as a writer and producer, even getting some work with Jessica Simpson.

Kevin “KT” Thornton and Mark Calderon reunited with Abrams in 2001 to perform as CMB for what appears to be the final time when they were inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. What a moment that must have been.


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2 responses to “Color Me Badd”

  1. eva says:

    Mark Calderon is writing and producing music for upcoming artist and is currently working on a young kid who is signed with Johnny Wright management. Sam Watters continues to write and produce music and just had a new baby girl with wife Tamara.

  2. C says:

    Three out of the four (Brian, Mark & Kevin) C.M.B. members are talking about getting back together. They have just started talking about it so nothing is certain yet.

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